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This was on my calendar during July…

If you say the sky’s the limit, then there has to be an end point, when you hit the sky.  You can’t do that, however, since there is no limit to the sky and there’s no actual place where the … Continue reading

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Roe vs Wade…

The republicans said that the first thing they will do if they get into office is overturn Roe vs. Wade.  They scream out that they are pro life and pound of it, but whose life are they talking about?  Certainly … Continue reading

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From Candy…

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Barn kitten…

Barn cats are fantastic.  Hardy, lively and perfect in every single way.  Debbie saw so many adorable cats and kittens.  Jesse kept texting her to bring them all home.

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The nose of a horse is as soft as velvet and absolutely kissable…

Debbie was at a kind of Rock concert last night…on a farm.  Before it got dark, she got to see the horses and cats.  Heaven.  The music was great but oh, she sent yummy pictures of all the sweet animals.

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LuLu’s Pie Shoppe…40

“I love traveling by hot air balloon,” said Chicago, pushing her hair behind her ears, taking a sip of hot coffee. “How long did it take?” asked Marion. “Just a few hours.  I was in a hurry but I couldn’t … Continue reading

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IT…a poem

no one believes that it could happen in America   American’s aren’t like people in countries where there is genocide the rounding up of religious and ethnic groups   no one want’s to believe death camps and badges worn on … Continue reading

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I try…Poem

I try to stay still   locked inside myself   shutting out the media’s constant screaming   but the voice inside me keeps saying   we’re going backward and hate is standing in the wings

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Pink rose…

Chicago Botanic Garden

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From my friend Candy…we met a million years ago at a NOW convention. We talked, while waiting in line and became fast friends. We never saw each other again but we keep in touch everyday. Funny how that happens.

It never ends for women.  We get laws passed and then they are “revised,” taken away, or turned into fear mongering at election time.  The FEAR that women will have control over their own bodies, their own lives, make enough … Continue reading

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