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Spider the spider danced upon her web she moved her arms and shook her legs she swayed with calm and quiet grace a look of peace was on her face I have a family friends and foes I’m more like … Continue reading

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chicken (pun intended)

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The song….

the woman stood beneath the moon Her voice was loud and strong She sang out to the Universe Her old familiar song She sang of pain and sacrifice She watched the dancing flame she sang of joy and peace and … Continue reading

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Happy, happy

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Happy Halloween

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not only…

do we not have the answers we don’t even know the questions that doesn’t stop humans from spending their lives looking for both

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do you ever…

feelasifyouareburstingwithsomuchexcitementthatyoumightactuallybeblurrybecauseyoudon’tbelievethatit’spossibleforyourbodytoholdthatmuchenergywithintheconfigurationofyourskin justwondering

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“Imagination is the true magic carpet.” –Norman Vincent Peale,  American writer Quote:  Words of Art

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Chicago, skyscrapers and Chicago river


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