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Do you think????

Do you think we have wings
but they won’t show themselves
until we deserve to fly?

Do you think we will be able to understand
the language of animals
if we stop torturing and killing them?

Do you think we can turn the earth into a garden
if we stopped fighting long enough
to plant seeds?

Do you think the world
would be a better place
if creativity were set free?

Do you think women would be different
if they weren’t prey
or prisoners in their culture?

Do you think it would be better for the world
if all people were allowed a free education
that taught diversity, inclusivity, and truth?

Do you think parents would be happy
if their children were not murdered
in unless and greedy wars?

Do you think minimum wage should
paid to governmental
and religious leaders?

Do you think hate
will ever be
a thing of the past?

Do you think that our culture
encourages bullies and male violence
for it’s own ugly purposes?

Do you think we are doing something wrong
when we need laws to protect others
from violence against them?

Do you think the laws
set up to protect people from violence
don’t work because they aren’t supposed to?

Do you think the violence that is allowed
and even celebrated is just another way
the government controls the population?

Do you think we can’t know what happens after death
because everyone would kill themselves
just to get there?

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