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Gillian…A Story poem…

she never knew safety her magic was smoke wisps of  warm cloudy air where she could appear and disappear into the shadows you had to know how to hide if you wanted to survive in a world where danger was … Continue reading

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The future…a poem

a virus hit the earth in 2020 no one knew what the long term effects of having it would be hundreds of thousands died but many young people survived only to find that strange things began happening to them as … Continue reading

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KITTENS! My daughter and son-in-law, went to visit friends, who live on a farm, and there were new kittens. The mama was right there and let my son-in-law hold two of the babies.

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The Future…

the future sings in code and beeps it doesn’t eat it doesn’t sleep it works for free there is no “me” it does what it is told no human parts no lungs or heart no end no middle of course … Continue reading

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Think about it…

You know, it’s not what’s coming thats bad, it’s who is in charge of what’s coming that is.  We can’t even figure out how to stop the government from doing what it’s doing.  Think about them in control of ALL … Continue reading

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The wildlife of Australia…what will happen next?

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The Body in a Jar…a short story

“What is that?” “That, is a human being.” “What’s a human being?” “An out of control, deadly species that once covered an entire planet.” “What happened to them?” “They destroyed themselves?” “Why?” “It’s what they were.  They lived to kill … Continue reading

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The future…

Programmed to smile, cuddle and laugh, but will never get sick, have any problems, other than the need for replacement parts, and know everything there is to know.  Inches will be added until the body is the size of an … Continue reading

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Ralph Emerson…

“Hello.  My name is Ralph Emerson.  I am your new manager.  I will be overseeing your work from this day forth.  My model number is 6042335-1.  In case of emergency, please give that number to the repair crew, when you … Continue reading

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The powerful want you to believe you are powerless…but you are not and they know it. They are afraid that you will find out and they won’t be able to control you.

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