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The future…Matrix

Hacker in Black Hoodie

Photo:  Mati Mango

The future…

woman in white tank top wearing white earbuds

Photo:  Dev Asangbam

The future…a poem

Old Letters, Quill, Old Photos, Pen

if we could see into the future
all the way to the end
of our own lives
how many of us
would choose
to leave early


Photo:  Pixabay

Gillian…A Story poem…

Portrait Fantasy - Free image on Pixabay in 2020 | Fantasy portraits, Portrait, Fantasy

she never knew safety
her magic was smoke

wisps of  warm cloudy air
where she could
appear and disappear
into the shadows

you had to know how to
if you wanted to survive
in a world
where danger
was everywhere

where men killed
at will
and took what they wanted
without reprisal

food was scarce
the animals were gone
and men roamed alone
or in bands
destroying whatever they could find
including each other

women who were caught
were stripped of their magic
and lived only a few hour
if they were lucky

was one of the
Last Borns
no children came after
her generation
when women fled
and life became
a nightmare
of kill
or be killed


The future…a poem

Steampunk, Scientists, Science Fiction

a virus
hit the earth
in 2020
no one knew
what the long term effects
of having it would be
hundreds of thousands died
but many
young people
only to find
that strange things
began happening to them
as time went by
humans too easily
take things for granted
when in reality
no one knows
what lies
in ahead for them

KITTENS! My daughter and son-in-law, went to visit friends, who live on a farm, and there were new kittens. The mama was right there and let my son-in-law hold two of the babies.

The Future…

Artificial Intelligence, Robot, Ai, Ki, Programming

the future
sings in
code and beeps
it doesn’t eat
it doesn’t sleep
it works for free
there is no
it does what it
is told
no human parts
no lungs
or heart
no end
no middle
of course
no start
no need for humans
they’re obsolete
no need for arms
or hands
or feet
our time
is up
we have
no seats
the future
sings in
code and beeps

Think about it…

Businessmen, Men, People, Office

You know, it’s not what’s coming thats bad, it’s who is in charge of what’s coming that is.  We can’t even figure out how to stop the government from doing what it’s doing.  Think about them in control of ALL resources, including how much money you are ALLOWED to HAVE.  That’s where the horror of all of this rests, in the greedy humans, not the machines.


The wildlife of Australia…what will happen next?

The Body in a Jar…a short story

Geotank, Dns, Science Fiction, Woman

“What is that?”

“That, is a human being.”

“What’s a human being?”

“An out of control, deadly species that once covered an entire planet.”

“What happened to them?”

“They destroyed themselves?”


“It’s what they were.  They lived to kill everything, physically and mentally.  They were greedy and power hungry as well.  Thy had a crude type of government where the few controlled the many and the many had no voice.  They squandered their resources and war and death were their goals.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“No, it doesn’t.  At least not to us.”

“Couldn’t anyone stop, or help, them?”

“Apparently not.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Not really.  They were too dangerous to live.”

“What happened to their planet?”

“It’s still recovering.”

“Why do we have this…human?”

“To remind us of what can go wrong.”

“Can we wake it?”


“Duplicate or clone it?”

“Impossible. We’ve poisoned the DNA and stripped the cells.”

“How long did they last?”

“Not long.  But I suppose some would say too long.  They were an experiment.  Seeded, then allowed to grow into what they became, without intervention.”

“That doesn’t make sense either.”

“We wanted to see what would happen.”

“I guess you found out.”

“Yes.  We did.”

“Are there anymore of these?”

“No.  The others were destroyed.”

“It’s not very attractive.”

“They were still evolving.”


“And they were attractive to each other, just as we are to our own species.”

“I can understand that.”

“Have you seen enough?”

“I have.  I wonder if they wish it would have turned out differently.”

“No.  They had so many chances.  They never changed anything they did, they just got worse.”

“Seems like a waste.”

“It wasn’t.  We learned a lot from what happened.”

“Then I guess it was worth it.”

“It was.  At least to us.”

“I’d like to learn more about their planet.”

“It’s an interesting place.  Talk to 471 and set it up.”

“Thank you.”

“Keep good notes and talk to me when you return.”

“Will do.”





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