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Follow up to the Bored Panda post…

The post was about a device men came up with to open doors to get at women.  The comments after the story (on Bored Panda) and some of the comments on my blog were about what the girl did, what her parents did, but that wasn’t the point.  That’s like asking the girl what she was wearing when she was raped.  It’s NOT ABOUT WHAT THE GIRL DID.  It’s about WHAT MEN DO TO GET AT WOMEN.

It’s a cultural manipulation to always place the blame on the female.  No matter what men do, it’s always something the female did that made it happen, or allowed it to happen.  And that is always the way men deflect the violence they do against us.

THERE IS A DEVICE TO OPEN DOORS TO GET INTO ROOMS WHERE WOMEN ARE ALONE.  AND THAT’S THE POINT.  We have to stop asking questions about what the woman did and start to LOOK AT WHAT MEN ARE DOING TO US.

The fact that some people said her parents shouldn’t have left her alone, she shouldn’t have opened the door, and all the rest, are immaterial when it comes to the fact that A MAN WAS BREAKING INTO HER ROOM.

No one said anything about that.  We have been trained to look at what the woman did, whether she has been beaten or murdered.  It’s always something she did.

It’s not.  IT’S BECAUSE MEN BEAT, RAPE AND KILL FEMALES.  PERIOD.  No one asked why he was there, who he was, was he caught, where his parents were, or anything else.  Not a single question ABOUT HIM.

Women are prisoners, needing to be guarded against men at every age, no matter where we are.  Females are NEVER SAFE and they are always blamed for what is DONE TO THEM.

The article was about a device made to open doors.  But everyone talked about the 15 year old girl.

Although one persons said that if anyone sees the wire to pull it and maybe break his finger.

Until our attitudes change and we face the fact that the men who do the violence are never mentioned, blamed or part of the problem, women will continue to be blamed for what men do to them.

Men have developed the perfect system to be violent against women and get away with it by blaming the women.  It’s really sick and evil.



we have to protect black lives
we have to protect women from violence
we have to protect children
we have to protect asian lives
we have to protect immigrants
we have to protect poor and hungry people
we have to protect the imprisoned
we have to protect ourselves from the police
we have to protect ourselves from our government
we have to protect animals
we have to protect the environment







Photo:  Jason Leung



Beauty or terror…

Park, Bench, Night, The Fog

I’m sure it has to do with
where you’re from
or where you live
but the above photo
can either be
being beautiful
doesn’t mean that women
can walk there by themselves
not without
great risk
and that is a
that men do to
the never ending
threat of
men are able to
what women
to do
and how they
are allowed
to live

Chicago and trump…

trump wants war and he’s coming to BLUE state Chicago to start one.

He has hated Chicago since our last mayor wouldn’t let him take undocumented workers, and let their kids die on cement slabs and destroy families.  Chicago is a Sanctuary City and trump wanted that title removed.  Emanuel, told him to try it, and he backed off.  Besides, the FBI was already here.

I believe trump is doing this because of his dislike for the city and because he wants to show how powerful he is, so that people vote for him.  He’s a bully and likes shoving people around.  Guess what?   Chicagoans know how to shove back.

Now hundreds of feds, DEA, SWAT and guys who can beat and spray people are being sent, to stop the violence with more violence and the threat of violence.

There’s a worry that the TOOPS won’t work WITH the CPD but do OTHER things with immigrants and undocumented workers.

What Chicago needs is FEDERAL MONEY to put into poor neighborhoods…but trump WON’T SEND THAT.  Instead, he’ll send violence, so he can get off on the things he loves…power, and being a bully.

Chicago needs a lot of things, but it doesn’t need more guns and guys carrying them.

I hope we don’t have a war in the city.  I have a bad feelings that a lot of people are going to be beaten and killed by the guys they’re sending.  I don’t doubt that some of them might die as well.

Maybe the gangs, and other’s, will beat back the well armed, well trained, people who are being sent here to start that war.  And I do believe that’s their real mission.  The thing is…the well armed guys don’t KNOW THE CITY.  THAT is an important issue that will work for the gangs and other gun carrying Chicagoans.  

I hate the violence in the city.  It needs to end.  Innocent people are dying everyday.  The way it needs to be stopped is by ending racism and poverty.  WE NEED NATIONAL GUN LAWS BUT THE NRA WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN, so no one is going to do anything about that, no matter how many school shootings there are, no matter how many kids march, and no matter how many people die.

The kind of help CHICAGO needs is financial and corporate.  The city needs to build up the neighborhoods that have been decimated by inequality and poverty for generations.  WE DON’T NEED MORE GUNS, the city needs MORE MONEY.  Money to help small businesses stay open.  But the packages go to big rich companies who are friends with the big rich people, not to the poor independent shop owners who are struggling to survive.  The neighborhoods in trouble need food stores and other businesses they need affordable housing, better schools, and more resources for kids and families.

The city has a lot of problems, but more violence isn’t going to help any of them.   How many more people need to disappear off the streets, put into unmarked cars and be taken away, by government guys wearing camouflage uniforms?  Where is the person they arrested?  What’s is going on with that?  They lied and said the men were surrounded, but the video shows that there was no one around them except other than the person trying to ask the guy what his name was.

trump said there will be a lot of arrests and people will be put away “for a very long time.”  He needs to go away for a very long time but, of course, that’s not going to happen, because he has MONEY and the neighborhoods he’s going into are poor and powerless…that’s why they have guns and violence to begin with.

This is a really bad idea.  If the guys being sent here, don’t do as they are told by the city, it’s not going to go well.  I think they’re under orders to do very bad things.

I hope I’m wrong.  I’m not sure what they’re planning on doing.  Arresting gang members?  Drug pushers?  Those who killed people in the street?  Are these guys trained to work with gangs?  Because the gang members, and others who have guns, aren’t the enemy on foreign soil, they’re still Americans, and they live HERE, in NEIGHBORHOODS were regular people live.  I hope more innocent people don’t die.

All of us have to take responsibility for how poverty stricken neighborhoods are left out.  How they have no voice, no opportunities.  How can we be surprised at the violence that erupts in them?  How can we be surprised that gangs flourish in those areas?


And what will we do differently?  WILL THE GOVERNMENT SUDDENLY SEND MONEY TO MAKE THINGS BETTER WHEN THEY LEAVE HERE?  Yeah, I don’t think so either.

trump must be jumping up and down with excitement right now.  I bet he won’t even be able to sleep.

Mayor Lightfood must be freaking out.  If she loses control of these trumped up troops. OMG

Truthfully, I can’t imagine what theses people plan on doing.  Going into neighborhoods and trying to find guys?   If people who live here don’t want to be found…good luck.

This is going to be a summer to remember.   Those troops don’t know what they’re in for.

trump plans on sending troops into other cities as well.   He wants the country to burn and he wants to light the fire. 

Oregon wants the feds gone, since they are making everything WORSE.  trump refuses to take them out.  Why would he?  He’s having fun.

Maybe the gangs from Detroit will drive down here to see if they can help out.  Who knows.  Anything is possible.


each year
around thirteen boxers
die in the ring
more are seriously injured

it seems strange
that some people
spend their lives
hitting and beating up
other people

breaking noses
splitting  lips
and eyes

hitting each other
until someone dies
or has brain damage

and they call it a
I’ve even heard it
called an

in reality
it’s simply
two people
each other
while other people



or even

I don’t understand how
can ever be considered
sport or an art

to me it’s simply

An organization, Life after Hate, that can help people disengage from far right wing violent groups…


A friend of mine just called and said that a shop owner was being interviewed and he said the demonstrators didn’t destroy his shop, others did.  He had noticed earlier, someone piled bricks in front of his store.

Those are the people paid to be violent.  The demonstrators are not the ones who are violent, the goons who are paid to distract everyone are.  They knew what they were doing.  It was not something that was spontaneous, it was PLANNED.  They had their bricks ready and they were paid.

A couple of new PBS shows on gun violence in Chicago…

This is unacceptable.  It has always been unacceptable.  I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life and I’ve never had to live the way the people in these stories live, because I’m white and live in a different neighborhood.  I live on the “other” side of the city.

We grow up where we grow up.  When you’re a kid you don’t even know there IS another side to the city.

There is NO EXCUSE for the way people are forced to live because of injustice, poverty and racism.   Because of the ugly men in power who vote THEMSELVES raises but won’t raise the minimum wage.

Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot is, as I’ve said before, fantastic.  She may be able to do something in spite of the virus.  I think there were plans in the making, but the virus is taking everyone’s time and funding.

Anyone who sees the way people are forced to live, because they are PURPOSELY denied what others have, should be horrified and support those who can do something about it.  Mayors, our governor, and anyone who can vote funds to be spent to the right places.

Poverty is wrong.  It’s ALWAYS wrong.  We, as people, need to band together and fight the isms.

NO ONE DESERVES LESS!  NO ONE.  No one should be born into a place where they barely have a chance to grow.

If you want to look at it another way…look at all the talent and beauty we, as a people, are letting slip through out fingers.  Artists, intelligent people with no where to actualize.

We have become complacent.  About EVERYTHING.

People are suffering and dying needlessly, while the fat power mongers work to get more for themselves.



Okay, so…

Firearm, Handgun, Revolver, Gun, Weapon

We had a warm day, in Chicago, so 21 people were shot, 7 shot to death.


PBS: The Violence Paradox…this is a rant, just so you know. If there are mistakes in the text, just ignore them, I’m not a happy camper.

Belfast, Wall, Ireland, Sadness, Face

I wanted a picture to represent VIOLENCE, so I could talk about the horrible and useless PBS program I tried to watch.  What I found was, there are so MANY different KINDS of violence, I couldn’t find ONE picture that represented even a few of them. I finally found this one.  This is the look of fear.  Kind of universal, in a way.  Violence and fear, usually go together, so it’s the header to this rant.

The program, and I didn’t watch all of it, just parts of it, because I thought it was horrible and useless, but hey, that’s just my opinion.  They had spreadsheets and I guess that’s more real than people who are actual living in places where there’s never ending violence.  You know how important GRAPHS are, right?  Stats are truth, violence, horror, terror, torture, just fit on a line over little boxes.  Doesn’t even hurt the guys who are drawing them.  They did mention that men are more violent.  Wow!  New, for sure.  Who knew?  Shows how brilliant the researchers were.  I wonder how much they got paid to figure that one out.

Okay, the first piece of idiotic garbage was that this was a program on how to cut down on violence, but THEY CUT INTO THE HEADS OF RATS AND PUT THINGS IN THEM TO MAKE THEM AGGRESSIVE AND ISN’T THAT VIOLENCE ON AN EPIC SCALE?  They didn’t seem to realize the horror and violence behind their OWN miserable and hateful torturous acts, so what kind of JUDGES COULD THEY POSSIBLE BE WHEN IT CAME TO VIOLENCE, IF THEY COULDN’T EVEN SEE IT WHEN IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM AND THEY WERE DOING IT THEMSELVES?  

Once I saw the poor helpless, INNOCENT, rats being brutalized, I turned it off.  Then I turned it back on later and it had not improved in the least.  There were no rats, but they did refer to their sadistic findings.  I can’t tell you how I long to put the things they put in the rats heads into the heads of the people on the show. I would watch them and trigger their behavior and then I would write up my findings on cruel and hateful people who are idiots.

They took babies, 3 months old, and showed them skits with three teddy bears, wearing different colored shirts.  One bear was nice,  one was mean and one was average.  Every single kid, when asked which bear they wanted, picked the nice bear.  Every single one, made a sad face when the bad bear took the ball and disappeared.  They all knew who was good and who was bad and they couldn’t even walk or talk.

Anyway, they found 24 bodies, well the bones of bodies, in a desert, from the beginning of time, or something like that because I was so enraged, I really didn’t pay attention to names because I wanted to save the rats and never see the ugly faces of the people talking about them as if they DIDN’T HAVE FEELINGS OR FEEL PAIN.  Evil and violence and they couldn’t even see it.  Sick.

Anyway, they said this is a calm time, even though kids are being murdered in schools and people are gunned down in the street and wars never end.  So, the 24 people are equivalent to what’s happening today, in their minds.  Yes, we know the first people on earth killed each other.  We didn’t need to waste time watching them sit there, heartless and superior, telling us what we already knew.

Here’s the bottom line:  governments and laws/rules, eventually civilized people, through terror and punishment.  They started stopping them from having sex/raping in the streets and going to the bathroom in the street as well.  They were told not to relieve themselves on stairway.  Are you with me so far?  The moderators believe our rules are keeping people from being even more violent than they already are. Oh, they mentioned manners as well.  You remember manners, don’t you?  I still see them now and then and it makes me happy, but I digress.

Here’s the important part:  They scanned the brains of  murderers and people who were not murderers.  The non murderers pre frontal lobes showed up red, with bits of other colors, but the killers didn’t have any red at all, only a really pretty color blue, which the non’s had small bits of.  So, because the murderers didn’t have any red, they didn’t have much control over their own actions.  I do not know how many brains they looked at but there were only a few pictures of murderers shown which would make that the smallest sample ever in the world, or not.  Maybe they did a million scans.  If they said how many, I was plotting how rats could take over the world, so I wasn’t paying attention to the icky people whose mouths were moving.

We all have violence in us.  I can agree with that because of what I want to do to the people who hurt the rats.  But, I must have a red pre frontal lobe because I can control my impulses.  They were figuring out how to change the brains of the murderers but I don’t remember what they said because I didn’t care about anything except the violence I just saw with regard to the rodents.  I don’t think there’s a way and it would probably violate their rights.  The murdered people don’t have any rights, but the murderers do.  Always.

What I got from this program is that people, even if they have degrees and think they are all that, are heartless, cruel, mean, disgusting and evil, since they don’t even realize that living things have a right not to be tortured.  I’m assuming that all of people involved in the show have pre frontal lobes that are  entirely BLUE.  Also, unless we can scan everyone’s brain, we don’t have a chance to change what’s going on, so they tortured the rats for nothing, unless you count the fact that it satisfied their own violent urges.

I’d like to see the nice white guy, live on the south side of Chicago and then tell us how peaceful the world is.  Two people were just shot to death in their condo’s underground garage over the weekend.  Like two blocks from where I live and I live in a very nice place.  See, violence doesn’t CARE where you live.

The bank teller told me.  She also said that the police said the the people knew the shooter so there was no danger to the public.  I guess the danger was only to the two dead people, so no christmas for them.  Whatever.

Good thing the scientists hurt the rats and found out that violence is really going down, on their graphs.  Their research about people who beat the other guy with a club, in the beginning of time, rather than and AKA, must mean we’re much better now.    Way to do research.  I guess twenty-four people killed with clubs, when there were only 40 people alive at the time, is a big deal but get real, VIOLENCE is all around us.  People don’t let their kids outside ALONE.

Maybe it’s all in our heads and all the dead and wounded are simply figments of our imagination.  The soldiers killing THEMSELVES, the causalities of war, women brutalized over and over, beaten, raped, murdered, guess those things don’t count.  At least where the guys on the program live.  Not on their neat little graphs.

Up until now I thought PBS did a pretty good job.  Up until now.  Admittedly, I may not be able to give a balanced and non judgmental opinion of the show.   Once I saw what the bastards did to the rats, I just wanted to call John Wick and ask for a favor.   If one of my college students turned in research like the stuff on the program, no matter how thorough, he would have been in trouble.  It’s easy to make up the stats and extrapolate your findings, from the way you see things.  That doesn’t mean that’s the way things actually ARE.   If they CAN’T see the violence inherent in the system, then anything they say is incomplete and meaningless.  If they can’t even see the violence they are DOING themselves, then they can’t see violence period.

They never once mentioned kids raped by their relatives, the rapist priests, what happens in the slums, what happens to street people and the violence that some through live everyday.  DEFINE YOUR TERMS.   What a waste of funding.

If I had my way, the rats would escape and gnaw to death, everyone who ever touched them, in a negative way. Rats are actually immaculate and intelligent.  They are loving and playful.  WE HAVE HAD THEM AS PETS FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND WE’VE LOVED EACH ONE OF THEM.  I’ve kissed rats and petted them and cooed to them, and carried them in my pocket, so they could peek out, and they are adorable and have feelings that MATTER.  I can’t say that about people, especially people like those on the show.  Rats are much better and kinder than they are.  I’d pick a rat over any of them.  If I was asked to save the live of a rat or one of them.  The rat would be coming home with me.

How casual the speakers were about explaining the actions of the tortured rats, with huge things sticking out of their tiny heads.  You know, I don’t believe in hell but I’m kind of hoping there is one, just for people who torture others.  I don’t really care if the scientists have BLUE pre frontal loves.  Cruel is cruel.  They should scan themselves.  Heartless, cold and mean people..


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