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TED Talk that is making a difference. Excellent speaker.


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TED Talk…from the mother of a Columbine shooter

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OKAY, SO… 3 pictures

First of all, I’m furious that I can’t type any larger than this.  Really, how can I possibly yell and rant in tiny print. Arggggggg! Okay, on to why I’m actually writing this…. One of the huge problem I see … Continue reading

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trump and the escalation of hate…(from Deb)

http://americasvoice.org/trumphatemap/ http://billmoyers.com/story/donald-trump-escalation-hate/

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Okay, so…white supremacy, the police, choices, reality, hate, books, responsibility, violence, each and everyone of us, America, Politics and more choices

Debbie said that the real problem we are facing is White Supremacy.  I agree.  Some of the republicans have to be as horrified as we are, by what’s happening.  Their party is destroyed.  And, we are Germany, happening all over … Continue reading

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The end of this TED Talk is so powerful…I could barely watch it from between my fingers, that were covering my face because of how African American women are treated in this country.

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Okay, so…god, ant farms and power. This might not be for everyone…read it at your own risk.

If humans didn’t exist, the idea of a god wouldn’t exist.  It’s that simple.  See, anything we don’t believe in…isn’t here.  Anything we do believe in, exists, even if it’s only in the minds of a few.  If we all … Continue reading

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