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Sign of the Times…


Photo:  Colin Lloyd


Cottontail Rabbit, Wild Rabbit, Grass

So many people talk and write about love, as if it was the answer, or the question, to the problems of the world.

Last nigh, after seeing the train station in Ukraine bombed, and the bodies and blood everywhere, they ended bit with a basket on the ground, the lid half open, and a bunny inside.  The person who loved the bunny and was trying to get the bunny to safety, was dead.  Hopefully someone took the rabbit to a shelter.

They then went to a town that was completely destroyed, where they interviewed several people.  One woman had just buried  her son.  She showed where part of him was still in the basement.  He, and others, had been blown apart by the bomb that hit their home.  The woman said the other person’s head was, “over there,” and her body was in another place.  Everyone they spoke to told horror stories of their children being murdered, neighbors dragged out of the house and shot through the head, of the torture, beatings and death.  They showed dogs in homes where their owners were dead on the floor.

One woman said, god tells us to love our neighbors, but I can’t. I HATE them, I HATE them, she said loudly.   And if I could, I would kill everyone of them. I would do it myself.  I would kill them.

Sometimes hate is stronger than love, and in a world where we allow never ending violence to exist, it’s easy for hate to take over.  And the violence isn’t only in war.  The violence is all around us.  Kids killed in the street, women raped, beaten and murdered, gays and trans beaten to death.  We are surrounded by it, even if we have learned to stupidly accept the violence as, “the way it is.”

Love can’t bring back the dead and it can’t stop the brutality and violence that’s taking place in Ukraine.

The world seems to be going dark.  The killing of the planet, and the animals, the constant war and violence.  No love there.  None at all.

Those who believe love can bring about change need to step up their game.  No excuses, that everyone has to join them, because that will never happen.  Show us what you’ve got, as they say.  Bring on the love.

I have only heard of one instance where a bad person was changed into a good one, by kindness.  Otherwise, like the nun who was feeding a homeless man, who got up and stabbed her to death, I’m thinking love, on a large scale, is dying, along with things, like truth and trust.

We are watching a holocaust/genocide take place on tv, then going on with our lives, while the men who can do something about what’s happening, have meetings and talk, as if they are saying something.  I understand that we don’t want WW III but, bullies should never win.

I hope the bunny is okay.



Photo:  Pixabay

To walk, or not to walk…that is the question women ask themselves when faced with a dark empty street

Photo:  Patrik László


I think today should be called, “I’m sorry. Please forgive us. But I understand why you can’t day.””

woman in black and gold dress

Photo:  The Boston Public Library

Teach this hand signal to everyone you know. Everyone. So they can use it and recognize it in others.

16-Year-Old Was Rescued From A 61-Year-Old Man When She Used A Hand Gesture She Learned On Tiktok To Signal Abuse

Okay, so…

woman in black crew neck t-shirt

I just talked to my granddaughter a little while ago.  She said she’s afraid to go out alone.  Everything she sees and hears, tells her more women are being raped, or murdered.  Men are breaking into houses and not caring who sees them.  She said, it’s terrible.  So many women are afraid.   No place is safe.  She said she only goes out when her boyfriend is with her (they live together).  She stopped swimming, taking walks or doing any of the things she loves to do.

It makes me sick.  Really sick, to hear her say things like that.  I’m SO enraged that women are forced, by evil and hateful men, to live like prisoners.  Living in constant fear is unhealthy and it KILLS DREAMS.  It literally kills females, of course, but no one really seems to care.  If they cared, something would be done to STOP it from CONSTANTLY HAPPENING.   Fear destroys their innocence, their trust, their freedom and their hopes and DREAMS.  FEAR makes the lives of women SMALL.

There was NOTHING I could say to make her feel better without putting her in DANGER.  I couldn’t tell her NOT TO BE AFRAID.  I couldn’t tell her she would be OKAY.  I couldn’t tell her that NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO HER.  All I could tell her was that I understood and that all women live under the constant threat of violence.

I hate this.  Everyone female alive should hate this and even those who are dead should hate this.  And every single male, who is not violent and insane, should hate this as well.

This is the world we ALLOW to exist.  This is the never ending war between women and men.  This is the true and played out hatred of an entire gender, by the other half.

Photo:  Jaqueline Fritz



The things we do to ourselves…

man in black and green camouflage suit holding rifle

Photo:  Alexander Jawfox

Follow up to the Bored Panda post…

The post was about a device men came up with to open doors to get at women.  The comments after the story (on Bored Panda) and some of the comments on my blog were about what the girl did, what her parents did, but that wasn’t the point.  That’s like asking the girl what she was wearing when she was raped.  It’s NOT ABOUT WHAT THE GIRL DID.  It’s about WHAT MEN DO TO GET AT WOMEN.

It’s a cultural manipulation to always place the blame on the female.  No matter what men do, it’s always something the female did that made it happen, or allowed it to happen.  And that is always the way men deflect the violence they do against us.

THERE IS A DEVICE TO OPEN DOORS TO GET INTO ROOMS WHERE WOMEN ARE ALONE.  AND THAT’S THE POINT.  We have to stop asking questions about what the woman did and start to LOOK AT WHAT MEN ARE DOING TO US.

The fact that some people said her parents shouldn’t have left her alone, she shouldn’t have opened the door, and all the rest, are immaterial when it comes to the fact that A MAN WAS BREAKING INTO HER ROOM.

No one said anything about that.  We have been trained to look at what the woman did, whether she has been beaten or murdered.  It’s always something she did.

It’s not.  IT’S BECAUSE MEN BEAT, RAPE AND KILL FEMALES.  PERIOD.  No one asked why he was there, who he was, was he caught, where his parents were, or anything else.  Not a single question ABOUT HIM.

Women are prisoners, needing to be guarded against men at every age, no matter where we are.  Females are NEVER SAFE and they are always blamed for what is DONE TO THEM.

The article was about a device made to open doors.  But everyone talked about the 15 year old girl.

Although one persons said that if anyone sees the wire to pull it and maybe break his finger.

Until our attitudes change and we face the fact that the men who do the violence are never mentioned, blamed or part of the problem, women will continue to be blamed for what men do to them.

Men have developed the perfect system to be violent against women and get away with it by blaming the women.  It’s really sick and evil.



we have to protect black lives
we have to protect women from violence
we have to protect children
we have to protect asian lives
we have to protect immigrants
we have to protect poor and hungry people
we have to protect the imprisoned
we have to protect ourselves from the police
we have to protect ourselves from our government
we have to protect animals
we have to protect the environment







Photo:  Jason Leung



Beauty or terror…

Park, Bench, Night, The Fog

I’m sure it has to do with
where you’re from
or where you live
but the above photo
can either be
being beautiful
doesn’t mean that women
can walk there by themselves
not without
great risk
and that is a
that men do to
the never ending
threat of
men are able to
what women
to do
and how they
are allowed
to live

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