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Beauty or terror…

I’m sure it has to do with where you’re from or where you live but the above photo can either be beautiful terrifying or both being beautiful doesn’t mean that women can walk there by themselves not without great risk … Continue reading

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Chicago and trump…

trump wants war and he’s coming to BLUE state Chicago to start one. He has hated Chicago since our last mayor wouldn’t let him take undocumented workers, and let their kids die on cement slabs and destroy families.  Chicago is … Continue reading

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each year around thirteen boxers die in the ring more are seriously injured it seems strange that some people spend their lives hitting and beating up other people breaking noses splitting  lips and eyes causing pain hitting each other until … Continue reading

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An organization, Life after Hate, that can help people disengage from far right wing violent groups…

https://www.lifeafterhate.org/about-us-page https://www.lifeafterhate.org/team

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A friend of mine just called and said that a shop owner was being interviewed and he said the demonstrators didn’t destroy his shop, others did.  He had noticed earlier, someone piled bricks in front of his store. Those are … Continue reading

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A couple of new PBS shows on gun violence in Chicago…

https://interactive.wttw.com/firsthand/gun-violence https://www.pbs.org/show/firsthand-gun-violence/ This is unacceptable.  It has always been unacceptable.  I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life and I’ve never had to live the way the people in these stories live, because I’m white and live in a different neighborhood.  … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

We had a warm day, in Chicago, so 21 people were shot, 7 shot to death.  

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PBS: The Violence Paradox…this is a rant, just so you know. If there are mistakes in the text, just ignore them, I’m not a happy camper.

I wanted a picture to represent VIOLENCE, so I could talk about the horrible and useless PBS program I tried to watch.  What I found was, there are so MANY different KINDS of violence, I couldn’t find ONE picture that … Continue reading

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This is important…always

This is exactly what I mean about not smiling, but standing up and facing what’s going on.

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These are just a FEW of the things that I think are more important than rebuilding Notre Dame…The list is incomplete and does not include pollution, corruption, violence against the gay, trans and lesbian community, poisoning of the oceans and the life in them, poisoning our own food, killing the bees and other insects/animals…and on and on…but be sure to give money to a building, because so many people seems to think the burning of the church is a real TRAGEDY.

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