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In the kitchen…all kinds of things exist. He’s quite shy and just goes about his business collecting crystals and feeding the dragons.2 pictures

It’s good to have friends…

pink and gray pig beside dog

Photo:  David Clode


White and Gray Bird on the Bag of Brown and Black Pig Swimming on the Beach during Daytime

We always seem to be surprised when other animals make friends with different species.  Our dogs, cats and everything else, ride in our cars, sleep on our laps, shoulders, and on our beds.  Our companion animals are friends with us and WE are a different species, which goes to show that all of us can be friends with anyone.

It doesn’t matter to humans whether the proof is right in front of them.  They choose to believe what they want to believe (we can see that pretty clearly right now in government).  OUR “pets” are friends with US.  We always look at it from our point of view, but we need to turn things around and see that THEY are generous and kind to our species.  They have chosen to be friends with us.  We love each other…different species.  We need to think about things differently.  We forget that we are animals.  Our egos get in the way.

Rats, hamsters, birds, lizards, all are wiling to play with us.  Sometimes we forget that.  So how can we possibly be surprised when we see a pig and a bird together, or a horse and a goat hanging out?  They aren’t any different than we are.

We’re silly and doing test studies on different species friendships and we aren’t using ourselves as part of the studied group.  Ego.  Blindness, Silliness.

And many animals in the wild become friends with humans.  Not only because of food.  They forge a bond between them, so it’s not all about us rescuing a dog from a shelter.  We choose each other, even where both are free not to.  Our hearts speak to each other and what we find there is often the most important thing we will ever know.

Friends know how to share…

Stafford Mongrel, Dog, Black And White

Picture:  Pixabay


Keep your friends close…

Daniel and James…a very short story

People who knew them, still called them, “the boys.”  They hadn’t been boys for well over  sixty some years, but they did grow up living next door to each other.  They were inseparable.  Fought in one of the wars together, married at the same time, and they each had two children and a lot of dogs.

So, when Daniel became ill, James just smiled and said, “Don’t worry.  I’ll go with you.”

So, the boys got on their bicycles, just like they did when they were kids, and rode into the mist together.

Some of the neighbors say that if you stand in front of their houses, in just the right spot…you’ll still be able to hear them laughing.


Friends are joy wrapped up in laughter…

Image result for free pictures of interracial friends

Friends…a poem for Resa and Holly…with love.

you never know
when you’re going to meet
certain people
who will make a difference
in your life
people who will
stay in your heart forever
people you never expected
to know
let alone cherish
but life is strange
that way
one day you start a blog
and then you have friends
that matter
friends who are
kind and generous
giving and sweet
and they just
say and do the most
wonderful things for


a person they met
because one day
they started a blog
and from those
electronic beginnings
something wild
and beautiful
was born

true friendship

how amazing
is that

Friendship has nothing to do with looks…or color of fur…it has to do with heart.


Beautiful friends come in all shapes and species…if we would only learn from other animals.


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