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Misty lunch in the forest…

Free Camping Picnic photo and picture

Photo:  Pixabay

The night forest…

Winter, Night, Scene, Background, Space

in the cold
winter forest
under a crescent moon
where all is calm
and silent
but for
the flutter of wings
deep below the ground
a number of beings
gently sleeping
among roots and worms
waiting to awaken
at the first sign
of spring


Picture: Pixabay

What birds see…

Photo:  Olena Sergienko

The winter forest…a poem

This is a tree plantation near the summit of Mt. Hiei (848m). The site is owned and managed by Enryaku-ji temple. The trees are Hinoki cypress, which is very useful for constructions and crafts. In the future, the woods are used for reconstruction of old temple buildings.

the forest
is wearing its
white winter coat
the sounds
are of creaking
and sometimes
howling wind
now and then
a bird will
make itself known
but the fairies
are no longer
dancing in the moonlight
or planting magical herbs
and flowers
the bitter cold
makes a noise
all its own
like tinkling glass
as if the air itself
is cracking
and falling to pieces
but sleeping hearts
are beating
under the soil
and soon
it will be time
for a spring


Photo:  Pixabay

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