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My cousin and I landed at an airport and got on a boat. That’s the only way you can get to gorgeous and exciting, Venice.  We went to our hotel room and my cousin, who sews, and knows her fabric, immediately started gushing over the sheets.

“Arrrggggg,” she exclaimed, running her hands over the fabric.  “Fantastic.  I can’t even believe they use this material for sheets.”

I was busy looking at the tan piece of material laying on the floor, next to my bed.  I though it was linen.  I picked it up, folded it, and put it on the dresser.

Then we checked out the bathroom and stood looking at the toilet.  “Uh, what is that?” we both said.  “It’s so tall and really weird.”

“Look at the shower,” I said.  “The water just falls onto the floor.”

“I can see that,” said my cousin, frowning.

“Let’s go out and think about this stuff later, okay?”

So we spent the day wandering through St. Mark’s Square, eating LOTS of gelato and taking in the sights.  I liked being by the waters edge and that’s easy to do.  We visited the shops all around the square and ate things that looked delicious…and were.

Later, we managed to use the facilities and, in the morning, the shower was a lot of fun.  I felt like a kid, just letting everything get wet.

We went out again and when we came back, our beds were made and the tan oblong linen bits, were once again on the floor next to our beds.  We picked them up, folded them, and put them back on the dresser.  My cousin told me again what lovely material they were made out of and I nodded, because I didn’t know what else to do, knowing very little about material.  She was in charge of that.  I was in charge of other things.

We were there for several days, had a blast on the gondola, and finally figured out what the toilet was all about.  Better late than never, I guess.  It had multiple seats on it and you were supposed to pick them up until you found the one you liked.  We also found out that the tan linen fabric next to our beds, were to stand on, so that our feet wouldn’t get cold when we were getting into, or out of, bed.  I don’t care how long I would have been there, I never would have been able to step on the tan oblong, linen fabric.  It just seemed wrong.  The poor housekeeper kept trying to make us understand what they were for, but we just kept folding them up and putting them on the dresser.

Venice is a fantastic place.  I would go there again in a heartbeat.  It almost seems unreal and when you see someone unlock a door and go inside, because they actually LIVE there, it kind of takes your breath away.  Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people live in Venice.  We were told that soon it will just be a tourist attraction.  It’s far too expensive to be a resident and have everything brought in by boat. I think that’s sad.

When were in Rome we went into a magnificent fabric shop.  I though my cousin was going to faint.  The two men who worked there were dressed in the most exquisite, tailored  suits, ever.  They were beautiful men, perfectly groomed, and I wanted to take both of them home with me.  We bought a yard of white linen fabric and split the $60 cost.  I liked the softer open weave, so that’s what we bought.  When we came home my cousin made pillows for us.

I made her go into bookstores everywhere we went, including Venice.  What a wonderful shop. It was a small bookstore, crowded with books, and it was so amazing that it should have been in a film.  I LOVED it so much.  I bought a book every place we went.  I bought books with English on one side of the page and Italian, or French, on the other side (poem books).

Venice is exotic, charming, steeped in history, beautiful and it’s intoxicating.  I loved it.  But, I just couldn’t step on the tan oblong bits of fabric next to my bed.


Art…Venice, Italy


Bookshop in Venice, Italy…


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Flowers in Venice…

A year ago I was in Venice…

Venice is wonderful.  I would love to go back there.  But…I really just want to be back in Paris.

Venice, Italy

When I went out today, I wore a scarf I bought in Venice.  I’ve been thinking about Venice because of that.  Such a fabulous place.  That’s the best part about souvenirs…they take you back to the place you were having fun.


Light and Shadows

Waterway in Venice

Beautiful Venice, Italy

Statue in Venice, Italy

I always feel story for statues that have to hold heavy loads forever, or until the sun eats the earth.  Plus He couldn’t possibly stand on his own two feet so he has an extra piece of something holding him up.  He’s beautiful but I bet he’s tired.

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