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My orchid is blooming like crazy…2 pictures

Is it summer yet?

Photo:  Deborah L. Carlson


Another vase I picked up. It’s fun and fits perfectly on my kitchen sink.


I found this old vase in a shop and thought it was beautiful. Then I bought pink carnations to make it feel happy and well loved.

I don’t know where this place is, but it reminds me of Italy and their beautiful flowers…

Photo:  Vincenzo Gallina


My cousin gave roses to me today…so beautiful.

Plants make everything beautiful…they bring life to any room.

Photo:  Maria Karelskaya

Everything is MESSY, but my garden is slowly coming along…meantime, my potted flowers are still going strong…3 pictures

This is one flower pot.  The plants are gigantic.

Never underestimate the impact that flowers have on our lives…

pink and white flowers with green leaves

Photo:  Europeana


shallow focus photography of purple flower

The Victorian language of flowers
began with the publication of ‘Le Language des Fleurs,’
written by Charlotte de Latour and printed in Paris in 1819.
To create the book – which was a list of flowers and their meanings –
de Latour gathered references to flower symbolism
throughout poetry, ancient mythology, and even medicine.



Photo:  Annie Spratt

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