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Debbie took both of these photographs of her flowers…

A couple of the flowers in my yard…2 pictures

Beautiful flowers from: Bored Panda…

In This Online Group, People Share Examples Of Botanical Wonders And It’s Soul-Refreshing (85 Pics)

Flowers…a poem

yellow flower in tilt shift lens

delicate flowers
dance in the breeze
making up the steps
as they sway


Photo:  Dong Chang


It’s time for flowers, color and fun…

What’s left of my tulips..2 pictures…after and before.


This is what the tulip looked like before…

Tulips…2 pictures


I have two pots of yellow pansies and a geranium, so I brought them inside last night, because of the frost.  My friend just texted that it might snow on Tuesday.  Hahahahaha  winter doesn’t give up easily.  Nope, it just backs up and waits for us to relax, then it attacks again. Oh well. They look pretty inside.


It’s getting close to that special time of year…spring plating.


The flowers are sooooo beautiful…

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