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The night forest…

Winter, Night, Scene, Background, Space

in the cold
winter forest
under a crescent moon
where all is calm
and silent
but for
the flutter of wings
deep below the ground
a number of beings
gently sleeping
among roots and worms
waiting to awaken
at the first sign
of spring


Picture: Pixabay


The chicklets are wishing you a happy spring…they are working hard in the garden and the time for tulips is over.

We are all waiting to play in the dirt.

Photo:  Kate Laine

May peeps be with you…

Birds, Chick, Ornithology, Species

Photo:  Pixabay


Watercolor, Portrait, Character, Girl

even with out eyes closed
we know it’s almost here
we can smell it
taste it
feel the warmer breeze
against our skin
and while winter
continues to hang around
especially at night
even he knows
his icy reign is over
is moving in


Picture:  Pixabay

Spring tastes soooo good…

fox sitting on green grass

Photo:  Nathan Anderson


Our weather on Saturday…Welcome spring.

Spring is in the air, at least for a few days, and it’s a lazy, happy, take deep breaths kind of day…

Ginger cat sleeping along stone wall

Photo:  Marstion

Waiting for spring…

Photo:  Resat Kuleli

Once again the chicklets are ready for a road trip and once again, no one can reach the peddles.

Road trip

The bike is a rubber stamp.

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