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A gentle reminder from the chicklets…Covid is still alive and well and so is the flu, so watch yourself so you don’t get sick over the holidays and miss all the fun. Wear a mask in crowds and wash your wing tips, or hands, whichever you have.


Chicklet wisdom…A Chickmas reminder.



Remember…when you feel icky…



Robin has just finished her largest canvas for her One Chicklet show. It’s called EGG RISE. It stands for the beginning/birth of all chicklets. She used an egg from the nursery as a model and will give the artwork to the baby chicklet when it hatches. For now it will be going into the Gallery, as soon as the Stage Crew finishes building it. Oh, and she added the birds in honor of Vincent Van Gogh…you can’t tell whether they are coming or going and she likes the mystery.


This is from 2017 but the chicklets asked me to reblog it. They want people to kown they aren’t food and that they’re beautiful and full of love. So this is from them.

This is a rerun from a couple of years ago…The Chicklets held a Poetry Slam for the turkeys…


Penne, Sammie and Ruth were first up.  All of the poems recited were about turkeys. Everyone at  The Coop, is upset at thanksgiving.  So many of their friends have been lost to humans.  They have been spending a great deal of time rescuing turkeys from Factory Farms but, no matter how hard they work, it’s never enough.

Penne’s poem  (older chicklet)

the holiday that’s coming up
that’s the one
for turkeys
if you ask them
it isn’t any fun
mass murder’s
what it’s all about
for birds
so sweet
and kind
just eats them
no one seems to mind

the birds
they die in terror
screaming as they go
but everyone
just eats them
no one wants to know


Sammie’s poem  (young chicklet)

humans have a word they use
compassion’s what it is
but they don’t know it’s meaning
if measured by what they do
cuz if they had compassion
or understood at all
they couldn’t treat birds as they do
their hearts would break in two


Ruth’s poem  (baby chicklet)

I love turkeys
they are my friends
I wish all the humans
would go away and
leave us alone
so we could be happy
free and alive
birds celebrate life
humans destroy it
I love my friends
but not humans
they’re so cruel


Okay, so…I was talking to the chicklets and…

I asked them to help me show what society/culture does to people and what it’s like to be free, open, and creative.  They got to work immediately and three of the chicklets walked  into the Rubber Duck Pond to show how depressing and closed off society/culture makes everyone.  They put on shades to show how it blinds people and crushes their spirits.  Clarence demonstrated what it was like to be free and creative.  I think they did a fantastic job and I thanked them very much.  They said they hoped they got the message across and I told them that I thought they did it beautifully.


Always remember…


Calvin, Devin and Lucy are ready for a fun filled day at The Coop…


The sun is out and it’s going to be hot, so the chicklets are having a party at the Rubber Duck Pond.  The Gondola is prepped and ready to take riders back and forth across the pond.  Several of the chicklets have learned a bit of Italian and have promised to sing, as they move the Gondola through the water.  Janice will accompany them on her accordion, and that’s always good news.

There will be group chirping, peeping and oinking, after lunch and there will be a dance later in the evening.  The horses, goats and cow (there’s only one), have promised to take the bunnies on a hay ride.  Everyone is very excited about that, because the bunnies are so important when it comes to healing rescued Factory Farm animals.  This is a special treat for the bunnies because of their dedication to sick and wounded friends.

Devin is wearing his wet suit, but he doesn’t do well in the water.  Actually, none of chicklets do well in the water, having a tendency to sink immediately.  Their feathers don’t dry quickly and they look pretty messy when they do.  Most of the chicklets walk, and play, along the shore and the hens drag any, who fall into the pond, out of the water before they get hurt.  Lucy has a new bathing suit.  Her sister and brother made it for her last night.  She has a matching towel, as well.  Calvin is very young and very shy.  It’s his first Rubber Duck Pond party so he’s sticking close to his big brother, which is fine with him.

These parties are always happy events and the Rubber Ducks are growing in number. That’s always fun because the chicklets play guessing games and try to pick out the new Rubber Ducks before anyone else does.

The hens made plenty of cornbread and there is fresh fruit, seed cones and lots and lots of popcicles.

The hospital is almost empty, but those who are still recovering from the last raid, will be brought to the Pond, so they can enjoy the festivities.

Oh, one more thing.  Melvin wrote, and illustrated, a book about the healing bunnies and he’s going to read it to them, then give each bunny his, or her, own signed copy.  As I said, everyone is grateful to the bunnies for the wonderful work they do.

It’s going to be another very good day at The Coop.

The Chickmas Party…

The party was a huge success.  The Poetry reading took two and a half hours, although admittedly, a lot of time was spent eating and singing.  Still it was wonderful.  Several of the chicklets enjoyed playing in the boxes more than with the gifts and three or four of them slept wrapped up in the tissue paper.  The food was delicious and there were no left-overs.  Breakfast consisted of corn cakes with syrup and bales of hay for the horses, goats and cows.  The pigs ate so much they slept until lunch.  The birds received seed trees and outdoor feeding stations from St. Chicklaus and the bats and butterflies have new houses.  The cats received warm blankets and so did the bunnies.  The Chicklets drew pictures and knitted scarfs and hats for the roosters who guard The Coop.  The library was restocked with so many new and wonderful books, that the chicklets will have enough to read until next year.  The Sing-A-Long was so much fun, the canaries were fantastic, as usual, and Jingle Bells was voted the best Chickmas song for the tenth year in a row.  Four new Rubber Ducks will be put not the Rubber Duck Pond and the Gondola has new cushions for everyone to enjoy.  It was a lovely Chickmas.

The Chicklets are having small NewYear’s Party but they are gearing up for Valentine’s Day because they think love is the most important thing in the world.  The team raided a Factory Farm last night and the hospital is full, so there’s a lot to be done. TheWarming Bunnies are on the job and some of the chicklets are reading stories to the wounded and sick.  The rescue dogs were giving awards, on Chickmas Day, for their bravery and dedication.  The hens made them cookies and bones and new rescue jackets that have more pockets for the injured and young.  So Valentine’s Day is a special day at The Coop because even though the chicklets are small, their hearts are big and filled with love and joy.

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