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Sage and her friend Mitzi want the chicklets to organize a peace march. So when the chicklets held a meeting this morning, she and Mitzi did a fifteen minute presentation, highlighting their main points. Their petition was tabled until next week.

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John Lennon…Give Peace a Chance

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Unfortunately, as long as greedy and hateful men are in charge…this will not happen.

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Peace Out…

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Never gonna happen but still…

Collage (rerun)

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War is criminal…

War has long lasting effects that are so powerful they are passed down from one generation to another through whispers, photographs and HIStory.  Men REENACT battles, while dressed in COSTUMES, on old battlegrounds. Some people are so fascinated with war … Continue reading

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Every living being…

Every living being is beautiful and deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.  Unfortunately, too many humans are unable to do that.  Instead they feel superior to other beings, or have been taught to ignore where their food comes … Continue reading

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Just a reminder…

You should always use different kinds of “e’s” when you write…it confuses people and makes them wonder.

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My wonderful friend Candy sent this for my blog…

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