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Telepathy…love and peace

Friends, Dog, Pet, Woman Suit, Sunset


Peace…a poem

snow covered mountain during daytime

it’s all there
I would miss
the ripples
and waves

Photo:  Johnny Gios


To the world with love…from the chicklets…PEACE


Today is: Peace on Chickmas Eve…

Sage and her friend Mitzi want the chicklets to organize a peace march. So when the chicklets held a meeting this morning, she and Mitzi did a fifteen minute presentation, highlighting their main points. Their petition was tabled until next week.


picture: rerun

John Lennon…Give Peace a Chance


Unfortunately, as long as greedy and hateful men are in charge…this will not happen.

Image result for free quotes from wild woman sisterhood


Peace Out…

Never gonna happen but still…

Collage (rerun)

War is criminal…


War has long lasting effects that are so powerful they are passed down from one generation to another through whispers, photographs and HIStory.  Men REENACT battles, while dressed in COSTUMES, on old battlegrounds.

Some people are so fascinated with war that they use tiny soldiers to relive battles of the past.  Thousands of books, magazines and videos have been written and made about war. OUR CHILDREN are taught about war in school, in order to prepare them for their FUTURES.

War never ends.  It never takes a break.  We bring our children into a world obsessed with violence, fighting and war.  We give MEDALS and erect STATUES to war and those who started them, fought in them and died in them.  We have parades to honor violence against others.  We constantly give positive reinforcement to violence and those who lead our children, and loved ones, to their death, or to a life often filled with pain, nightmares and mental and physical suffering.  

What if we did all those same things for people who worked for peace?  What if we TAUGHT peace in schools, instead of war?  What if we erected statues to Dr. Salk, who ended polio, and others like him.  What if we had a parade for Madam Curie?  What if we had a parade for all the men and women who refused to GO to war?  What if organic food was cheaper than the food loaded with poisonous pesticide and we celebrated that?   What if  we celebrated companies who helped the environment,  rather than celebrating war?  What if we celebrated animals and vegetarians?  What if….

We don’t really do anything to promote peace.  We don’t teach peace.  We don’t actually celebrate peace. We don’t live peace.  Don’t you think that’s really weird, since so many of us say that peace is what we want?

columbus day is coming up (I won’t capitalize columbus because he’s icky).  On that day we celebrate the killing of Native Americans who LIVED HERE, ON THEIR OWN LAND, before we ever arrived AND DISCOVERED A COUNTRY THAT WAS ALREADY INHABITED!!!!!  How truly INSANE IS THAT?  TEACH YOUR KIDS THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS COUNTRY AND ABOUT COLUMBUS.

We love death, killing, war and stealing and diving native beings, no matter their species, to their deaths.

We are not okay and not doing anything to stop all this garbage makes all of us part of the problem.  Look who’s running for president.  Is anyone running on a peace ticket?  If a person did run on a  peace platform, that person wouldn’t have a chance of winning the election because violence is the American state of choice.    Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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