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This is an incredible and amazing TED Talk…anyone who is into music will be blown away…he doesn’t actually play until toward the end of the program so if you don’t want to listen to how he came to be the way he is you can fast forward but don’t miss a single note of his playing…as I said…absolutely amazing

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Excellent TED Talk…

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Don’t miss this excellent TED Talk…we all need to consider what this speaker is saying…

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This TED Talk is 17 minutes long but it’s about lies, truth and the need to act now. It’s a wonderful talk by an intelligent historian and I strongly suggest you watch it to the end.

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This is an extremely important TED Talk…by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jody Williams. The Dalai Lama told her he doesn’t believe that prayer or mediation will change the world, no one does, it’s action, that’s needed. Please watch this wonderful lecture.

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An important TED Talk…


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This is an outstanding TED Talk…he’s a wonderful speaker…I don’t think he understands what it’s like in America right now. I don’t think he realizes that there is no TRUST in this country, at the moment. I agree that we should definitely help refugees. My question is…WHY DON’T WE STOP WAR, so that people don’t have to run from their countries in the first place?

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