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Mildred is the matriarch of an outlaw band of wild guinea pigs.  She is clever, intelligent and a fierce fighter.   She has gone up against wild dogs, raccoons and more than one possum and she has the scars to … Continue reading

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Those days…

There are those days when nothing will do but to roll on your back and have fun.   (I was able to get this photo because I had a couple stored and ready to use.  I still can’t get any … Continue reading

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Sunny day…

When Melanie was here, we walked out of a store and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, delighting in the warm sunny day.  She lives in Florida and there’s no way to describe how wonderful the sun … Continue reading

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Stars and Gas of the Running Chicken Nebula…from Astronomy Picture of the Day…beautiful

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Okay, so…

Isn’t it funny how one day we can be incredibly happy and the next day all we want to do is drive into a viaduct going a 100 mph.  See that’s why wishes don’t come true right away.  Because we … Continue reading

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I had a great time while Melanie was here.  She made me buy more books…okay, admittedly, I suggested book shopping and I did DRIVE us to the bookstores, so I guess I’ll fess up and admit that it was my … Continue reading

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the warmth of the sun the soft breeze the ability to go outside without a coat is the most wonderful thing   flowers are blooming color and people are everywhere   the cats are sprawled on the hot patio dozing … Continue reading

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