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From: Bored Panda…basically the clothing industry works with the handbag industry, so no pockets for females, so women have been forced to buy purses. Just one more thing…

The Truth Behind Why Women’s Clothing Doesn’t Have Pockets, As Shared By This TikTok User 

Never underestimate the power of bad girls*

Free Woman Wears Black Leather Zip-up Jacket Stock Photo

bad girls
are females
who reject
and refuse
to follow the rules
that are set down for them
by males



Photo:  Anastasiya Lobanovskaya

New Song for the Times…

woman playing guitar painting

we need new songs
about a country that went
completely wrong
and condemned women
to poverty
misery and death
all at the hands
of terrified
power hungry men



Photo: Birmingham Museum Trust

PLEASE…look at these…really, just read them and you’ll know who should be in charge.

Writer Starts A Viral Twitter Thread After Making Fun Of Historical “Discoveries” That Were Cracked Once Women Were Finally Allowed To Look At Them

Woman reading the addresses of latest abortion clinics.

woman in white dress painting

Photo:  Europeana

Women…a poem

Free Woman in Orange Dress Sitting on Top of Diving Tower Stock Photo

I am here
I take up space
I have a brain
and I know how to use it
I have an attitude
and I know how to use that
as well
and I’m sick
of having my life ruled
by hateful men
men in government
men on the street
men in tweeds
who are sorry
women were ever allowed
into the sacred halls
of colleges
sick of men
thinking they know
about females
as if they have the RIGHT
to tell us what we can
and cannot do
as if they have the RIGHT
to tell us where we can
and cannot go
as if they have the RIGHT
to steal our lives
as if they have the RIGHT
to own our bodies
I’m sick of their constant
constant yammering
constant fear
their pathetic stupidity
and hatred

we don’t need a lifeguard
to save ourselves


Photo:  Anna Arysheva

We will not bleed or die for the men who hate us and think they own our bodies.

grayscale photo of woman black hair

Photo:  Stephany Lorena

THE PLAN…a poem

With Only 4% of Their Works by Women Artists, Museum Resolves to Only Buy Female-Made Art for One Year

 over morning tea
and a cigarette
she came up with a plan
to put evil and hateful men
with too much power
in dark dank prisons
so that women
could finally




women…a poem

Women Art Wallpapers - Top Free Women Art Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

we are NOT
the women of the past
we are women
birthed by witches
watched over by
taught how to play
with fire
and we will
be owned
by anyone
so hateful men
think hard
about what you are
we will
go back
and you will
destroy us



Always looking over our shoulders…

Photo:  Stepan Kulyk

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