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Women are brave, survivors, protectors…never forget that

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Candy just sent this to me…Gag! This is so wrong, so very, very, INSANE.

From:  Feminist News

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A TED Talk…

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Dolores Huerta…worked with Cesar Chavez to better conditions for migrant workers…a fantastic women


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Believe it…


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Okay, so…

Pinerest Black Lives Matter is a meaningful slogan that must send the white male power structure/status quo/right wing, into fits of absolute terror.  Here’s the thing…when slogans such as BLACK LIVES MATTER come out, they scare certain people, and … Continue reading

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Here’s the thing…some people find these photographs offensive. Rape is a crime that destroys lives…that’s what people should be offended and horrified by. The FACT that women are forced to CARRY SIGNS ABOUT RAPE, should be OFFENSIVE and HORRIFYING. Hiding the fact that rape is epidemic only allows people to pretend that things are just fine, when THEY ARE NOT FINE AT ALL. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN IS A TARGET/PREY and if you don’t want to see things like this then we have to do something to stop it from happening. Men CHOOSE TO RAPE, that’s why it happens. To stop it, all they have to do is stop doing it. Stop destroying the lives of women and children. What do women do to men that is comparable to the violence they force on us? Male hatred and disregard for our well being is plain to see in every way imaginable. I’m sick of it.


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