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Choice…a poem…Becky Bell…a teenage girl

when choices
by others
we wear bracelets
with the names of girls
who died in back alley abortions
to remind people of what happens
when a female has no right
to safe health care
has no right to her own body
who is owned by the state
who is property
who in reality
has no choice at all

Becky Bell
died because the law
took away her right to choose a safe abortion
Becky Bell sought help
where she could find it
the price she paid
for not having a legal access
to health care
was death

that’s the only choice
she saw

our bracelets
all had
names on them

the conservatives
will never stop abortion
they’ll just add more names
on bracelets
because having a child isn’t really a choice
not if it’s someone else’s choice

they don’t care how many females die
they only care about control

A list of things that are the absolute truth…


  1.  No man has ever died in pregnancy
  2.  No man has ever died from an illegal abortion
  3.  No man has ever gotten pregnant from being raped by his father, brother, uncles, strangers, teachers, neighbors, or anyone else
  4.  Women do not have the power to say what men can ,or cannot, do with their bodies
  5.  Women have no power…not even over their own bodies
  6.  Women are owned by the state


woman carrying barbell

Photo:  Alora Griffith


How many of the women who were, and are being, raped in Ukraine, will become pregnant?

One of the guy’s who was helping a woman drank her drink and was drugged, the drug meant for the woman. Women are always in danger. Some guys help them. From: Bored Panda

Men In This Online Community Shared 30 Times They Protected Women By Pretending To Be Friends With Them

Women…a poem

grayscale photo of two woman sitting beside the table

no two alike
and battered
used and abused
from living on an
unequal playing field
early years
or something
in between
at every turn
giving life
to the world
but unappreciated
and scorned
some are obedient
or broken
while some
are wild
and roaring
with rage
can be deceiving
and like magicians
some women can turn into
the wolves they run with
so best not to
piss them off



Photo:  Jez Timms

It’s International Women’s Day…Keep fighting.


Fist, Emancipation, Feminism, Women



Photo:  Pixabay

From: Bored Panda…

This Online Page Creates Satirical Memes Replacing The Word ‘Woman’ With ‘Man’ To Show How Absurd Sexism Is

To walk, or not to walk…that is the question women ask themselves when faced with a dark empty street

Photo:  Patrik László


Look!!! I found a picture of an OLDER woman! How shocking, right? When looking for pictures one never has to ask for twenty year olds but if you want an older person you have to ask for them. This woman was just there. I couldn’t believe it. Discrimination is like that. Everyone is considered WHITE, unless otherwise stated. No one introduces Jimmy Carter as the 39th WHITE president. Same with agism, and everything else. That has to change, if we truly want to end the “isms.” All those labels do is define and reinforce discrimination.

Woman Wearing Brown Overall

Photo:  Edu Carvalho

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