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The differences between us…

I follow a blog, written by a gentleman.  Many times I am unable to understand what he’s saying.  I do not understand the way he thinks.  We come from very different places, not only in geographic terms but in the … Continue reading

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Okay, so…pizza and r.h. Sin, icky stuff and chipmunks

I went to Barnes and bought some Moleskine journals, blank pages and tan covers.  I can draw/write in them and on them.  They are thin and fabulous.  Anyway…I saw a poetry book by r.h.Sin.  I’ve seen a couple quotes on … Continue reading

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From: Elizabeth Cady Stanton…Shero for sure

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Men would rather everyone die than allow women to rise. Imagine living in a world where women were ALLOWED to contribute…imagine the wild creativity and advancements but men are too selfish and fearful to let women rise so we are forced to live in a world of death and hatred, control over others and fear because that’s the patriarchal way of life…keeping others down


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Quote from: Patrick Stewart


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Sometimes people forget that women are more than their labels…


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Viagra is covered by insurance…women have to fight for EVERYTHING…I’m so sick of this crap…it NEVER ends…DENY, DENY, DENY, DENY

Stop the new Trump rule to deny birth control access Sign the petition: We demand that Donald Trump stop his plans to deny birth control access to women by allowing employers to opt out of coverage. From Huffington Post (5/31/17): … Continue reading

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