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Remember…just because we want it to be over, doesn’t mean it is…there were 1,545 new cases in Illinois. It’s NOT over.

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No one knows what’s actually going on…

Remember being told not to make decisions until you have enough information make an informed one, based on facts?   HAHAHAHAHAHA We want to believe those who think as we do, that’s just a given, but how can we?  Doom and … Continue reading

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There are no vaccines for colds, flu (they don’t work, it’s always a “different” strain), for Swine flu, for SARS, for pretty much everything. They go away by themselves. There are no vaccines. So, something is wrong. Money? We should think about that. No cures for the other awful things that have been here. Those things have always been dangerous to the elderly and to those with health problems. What do you think is going on? The economy is destroyed. The huge number of deaths from smoking, that take place EVERY year, make this look like a walk in the park. What is going ON? Is it possible to find the truth? The doctors who are speaking out, tell us a completely different story from the fear mongers. How can we think about this with all the contradictory information we are given?

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What is WRONG with people…here’s the thing…

The people on the California and Georgia beaches may not care if they get sick, or if they die but, by ignoring the safety rules they can clog the medical facilities, infecting and killing OTHERS, including nurses, doctors, janitors and … Continue reading

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Martin Locky decided the best way to avoid the virus was to live alone on the island he had received for his twenty-first birthday he brought his tablet backpack and water hoping that Amazon would deliver food in a timely … Continue reading

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My friend Jeanne sent these to me and they are spot on…

2019: Stay away from negative people. 2020: Stay away from positive people.     The world has turned upside down. Old folks are sneaking out of the house, and their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors!   You … Continue reading

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And then there were none…

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