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Photo:  Thomas Allsop

From: Bored Panda

Man Is Afraid To Walk Alone In His Neighborhood Because He’s Black, And His Rant Goes Viral


I just watched this…I want to lay on the floor and never get up again. I’m absolutely HORRIFIED by who and what we are. I actually covered my face with my hands and didn’t even know I was doing it because white people are so UGLY that I couldn’t even look at them. This was so hard to watch. We are cruel beyond belief. Really there’s absolutely no end to the violent things we will do to each other. I’m a huge fan of Malcolm X and James Baldwin and seeing Evers dead in his driveway…the cops beating innocent people, I just really despise what we are…cruel, hateful, racist, sexist, just mean and DEADLY. Ask the Native Americans if this is anything new. I don’t even know where to start, what to do. I’m am FURIOUS! I remember where I was standing when I heard MLK Jr was killed. I said, “WHAT DID HE EXPECT IN THIS RACIST COUNTRY THAT DOESN’T ALLOW THE TRUTH TO BE TOLD!” They had to murder him because too many people were listening to him. That’s what our government does. EVERY SINGLE PERSON SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE AND FACE WHAT WE NEVER STOP DOING TO EACH OTHER! ARGGGGGGGG! I guess hell is relative, if you’re the one being beaten to death, just for being alive, by a cop, then it’s hell for you but not for the cop. We need to wake up NOW. POWER AND GREED, HATE AND HORROR. THAT’S WHAT WE ARE.

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