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The Conversation…

“I think the cats had fun at the party, don’t you?” “Yes,” he said.  “Free food, soft beds, nip, and treats.  What’s not to like?” “Someone said that if we had worn masks during previous flu seasons, 130,000 people each … Continue reading

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The Gate…a story about the afterlife

“I thought it would be bigger,” she said. “Most people would agree,” he said, nodding. “It’s just a garden gate.” “I know.” “So this is the entrance to hell?” “There is no hell.  This is the entrance to an afterlife,” … Continue reading

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Okay, so…the right word…

I don’t think love is the answer to anything.  Wars are fought over love of country.  People are killed over love.  People beat their family members, according to their definition of love.  Yeah, love can be cruel and violent, as … Continue reading

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