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I told the chicklets that some people were sorry they didn’t get to see the Poetry Slam, so some of the Poetry Club members, came back to do a second show.

by chicklet Eddie

Love is a funny thing
it seems normal
it’s the way I feel about everyone
and everything
it makes me happy
and then it makes me want to eat
ice cream

Valentine’s Day
by Hedgehog Bruce

Today is a special day
it’s all about hearts
and love
which is what The Coop
is all about
most don’t know what love is
but hedgehogs know all about it
we are small
but filled with love
yet others don’t always think we are worth loving
in this place
love is all that is

by chicklet Pepper

Today is all about hearts
we all have one
all of us
but some don’t know what their heart
is for
they don’t know how to use it
and that is a sad thing
but love doesn’t live in our hearts
it lives in our minds
that’s what needs to be changed
if we want love to be everywhere

by chicklet Cricket

some say you can wear your heart on your sleeve
but I’ve never seen that
I bet it would hurt and it makes me wonder
how anyone would protect it
but love is really all about doing nice things
it’s about coloring pictures for someone
or chirping a song
it’s about chocolate chip cornbread
and parties
where everyone is welcome
it’s about seeing the good in things
but mostly it’s about coloring


The evening ended with words of love and blessings for all…then everyone went off to camp fires, story time, sleep overs, treats and ghost stories. The chicklets, their friends, and their guests hope that you had a good time at their party. Thank you for joining them.


Sadly, not all of the chicklets didn’t make it to the entertainment part of the evening…


Finally, Robin and Blue, started a sing-along with row-row-row your boat…that went on for quiet some time. Everyone getting into the swing of things.


Heading toward the end of the program was Jean, on the flying bar. Her spotters were Marcy and Squeak. She did some smooth moves, that were dangerous and exciting and was rewarded with a loud round of appalause.


Rita, the Warming Bunnies and Spot, the dog who would be a dinosaur, harmonized together, singing two lovely songs.


During intermission Dennis flew around the room dropping hearts on everyone.


Nurse Dee Dee, and Tom, one of the Warming Bunnies, brought some of the baby chicklets, and an egg, on stage so they could get used to being in front of an audience. The babies just sat there and looked around. The egg didn’t do anything at all, but it was a beginning.


Tuesday, floated above the audience singing songs about animals and library books (she works in the library). She wrote some of the songs herself and they were excellent. It was an unusual act and the audience appreciated her spirit.


One of the Valentine Angel Chicklets hummed the tune from the film, SOMEWHERE IN TIME, which had some of the audience weeping. It’s a sad, but beautiful melody about a man who went back in time to find his one true love again. She did a great job, but there were broken hearts left behind.

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