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The Photography Club posted pictures from a Valentine Day’s Party a few years ago…everyone is enjoying them


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Several of the chicklet’s Valentine’s Day poems…

echoes by Star Bright we hear echoes of those chicklets and hens who came before us those who lost their lives and were caged or eaten by the dreadful humans but we listen to their words and send them love … Continue reading

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The Valentine’s Day party was fabulous…

Everyone had a wonderful time.  All of the acts went off perfectly and the Poetry Slam received a standing ovation.  The food was delicious and the sing-along was a smashing success.  There was a pajama party afterward and everyone showed … Continue reading

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Everyone’s on their way to the Party Barn for the final prep for the Valentine’s Day Party tomorrow.

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Minnie copied her dress design for the party, from the Fabulous Resa. She didn’t think she would mind. She said it’s difficult making gowns for chicklets because they’re are a bit short and don’t really have waists.

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Mary Lou is practicing her routine for the party. She’s going to slowly swing back and forth but she’s going to do it while peeping her favorite song. This is her first performance.

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Piggie Wiggie and Bertha are doing a short play at the Valentine’s Day party. It’s called, THE PRINCESS AND THE CHICKLET. The Piggie gets locked in a tower and the chicklet rescues her then they peep two songs and do a short tap routine.” Everyone’s sure it’s going to be a hit.

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