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FISH TOSS…A Valentine’s Day Game…will be on the agenda again this year. Story below.

The chicklets felt sorry for the fish, since they could never really participate in the party entertainment, although they once did a fish ballet in a tank that was beautiful.

Anyway, the Game Committee got together and came up with Fish Toss.  In the beginning some of the fish volunteered to be in the bowls, as long as the hearts were made out of fish food, but it was deemed far too dangerous.  So the chicklets made pretend fish and the problem was solved.

Unfortunately, the Committee didn’t think about the size of the openings on each bowl, compared to size of the hearts that were to be thrown.  But always resilient, the game continues to be a favorite and there are many winners, in spite of the fact that few hearts actually make it into the bowls.

Everyone is happy with the game, especially the fish, which, of course, is the very best part of all.


Jerry and Snooks are going to work in the kitchen. They are going to bake and roll and dust and do all kinds of baking things. Then the hens will hide the bakery goods, until Valentine’s Day.


Tulip refreshed the Valentine’s Day Box, so it’s ready for this year…

The Valentine's Day box


Last year, Holly made all kinds of treats for the Valentine’s Day party. Unfortunately, Chicklet Clarence got into the kitchen and helped himself. One of the Camera Crew was able to get a photo of him, as he took a quick nap…Hopefully, Holly will bring more treats this year. The hens said they will hide them until the party starts.


Rita and her little sister Sponge found a picture from a past Valentine’s Day party. They are going to add it to the cork board in the Costume Room and try and recreate the gown.


One of the Valentine Day floats from last year…

Valentine's Day Float 2


Pictures from a previous Valentine’s day party…



The valentine’s Day Party is coming along nicely…


Fern is going to wear her outfit from a past Valentine’s Day. It’s one she loves, so she doesn’t feel the need to make a new one. And it still fits.



Once again the Valentine’s Day games are coming out of storage. They need to be cleaned up and the Game Committee has to be sure everything works properly.

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