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The show was closed by Edna and her skating performance…

After the singers and acrobats, the dancers and tightrope walkers, Edna appeared on stage.

Edna is part of the Skaters Group.  She skated to:  THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE and LOLLYPOP.  She made her own costume and said it took her weeks to get it just right.

She did a double axle, which brought everyone to their feet. When finished, Edna received a loud round of appreciative peeps and chirps.

Tonight everyone will celebrate with a huge dinner party, followed by ghost stories in the Horse Barn.

Everyone wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


The next act: Urban poet, Luis…and his dog Buddy. Poetry, by a rescued chicklet and his dog.

Luis was rescued from a backyard in the city.  He’s an Urban chicklet poet, a bit tougher than the others.  For the first few weeks of his life the only one he had was his dog Buddy.  Buddy kept him warm and protected him from others.  When the chicklets rescued Luis, they rescued Buddy as well.

The City
by Chicklet Luis

broken shards of glass
cut through
broken dreams
gun shots ring out
day and night
like church bells
but no one runs
they just wonder
who will be next

by chicklet Luis

come with us
there’s a better way
to live
they chirped
but I thought
it might be safer
to stay with what already knew
then a chicklet held out her wing
and I took it
Buddy pushed me forward
and we fled into the night
they were right
there was a better way

I am a rescued Urban Poet
and this is my dog Buddy
thanks to the chicklets
I have a better life

There was silence in the Party Barn, as the audience worked its way through the poems.  Then there was a burst of stamping feet and a loud roar of chirping and peeping, as everyone appreciated the chicklet and dog standing on the stage before them.  It was a beautiful thing.



Aster and her best friend Zee Zee, entertained the audience with their Valentine’s Day Butterfly Dance

Chicklet Aster did a Valentine’s Day Butterfly dance.  She made her own costume, with the help of the Costume Committee.  Her dance was wonderful, since she asked the butterflies to teach her how to move.  They were happy to show her, so she flitted around the stage, her wings flapping, as she skipped and hopped.

Zee Zee, her partner, choose to show a butterfly at rest, although she did keep the beat for Aster with her tail.

All in all, everyone loved their routine and it was a great success.

Rescue stories by Pete, the bird, Ian, the Guinea Pig and Tom, the cat…A late morning session in the Party Barn.

I was birdnapped and taken from my warm native land, away from my family, to be sold and kept in a cage.  A chicklet heard my pleas for help and later that night, they came to free me.  I’m happy at The Coop and while I can’t go back to my original home, I’ve found a home here, where I am loved and appreciated.

Hi.  I’m a Guinea Pig.  There are quite a few of us at The Coop.  We’re happy here.  We are sold at pet shops, kept in fish tanks, where we hide, or run on a wheel, most of the time, and are too often neglected by the children we are given to.  The chicklets rescued me from a home just like that.  They heard me squeaking and grabbed me through the open window and took me to my forever home.  I’m so very happy here.

Uh, I’m a cat and I wasn’t rescued, I just wanted to play with this heart thingy.  I mean it pings back and forth.  You see that, right?  Anyway, I just wandered into The Coop one day and was put on a Committee immediately, so I stayed.  I’ve been here for a few years and it’s a great place to live.  Always a lot going on, but I’m not allowed to chase the mice or Ian, if you know what I mean.  It’s still a great place to live.  You do see this heart thingy, don’t you?  I don’t know what it’s for, but it’s a lot of fun, you just hit it and it moves back and forth.

The audience was thrilled by the stories and seeing as how it was a new act in the program, thought it should be incorporated into every production from now on.

THE FIRST ACT OF THE DAY: Day Care chicklet, Ivy, baby chicklets and Lu Lu, a Warming Bunny…oh, and an egg.

The baby chicklets opened the After Breakfast Early Show.  They were on stage, in their traveling nests, and peeped and chirped, while Ivy watched over them.  The egg is the youngest chicklet ever to perform on stage.  Granted, it just laid there, but still, it was in the program.

Having the egg on stage was a bold move, on the part of the chicklets.  They had to get the hens’ permission, which was given after they promised that a Warming Bunny would be by the egg’s side the entire time and that the egg would be returned to the nursery immediately after their act was over.

Lu Lu, one of the Hospital Committee’s Warming Bunny agreed to watch over the egg and stay with it, until it was safely returned to it’s proper nest.  She was perfect for the job since she knows first aid and is very dedicated and focused.

Having the babies on stage is the way the they get used to performing and being part of the happy group right from the start.  Because of that, they grow up knowing they are important and have a place among the others.  They get to look out at the audience without fear, knowing that all they’ll see is love.

Their appearance was well very well received and everyone went back to the nursery in a cheerful mood.  Word is…the egg was happy too.


The Latest Valentine’s Day News at The Coop…

Heart, Card, Pastels, Figure

There was a Coloring Contest after a delicious breakfast of heart shaped pancakes and Holly’s fabulous Corn Bread, which is now, sadly, all gone.  Everyone was talking about Beth’s Story Time, and how much they loved the books she read.  She kindly donated them to their library and they are so happy they can borrow them whenever they like.

A batch of Melanie’s Cookies were found in the back of the Horse Barn but they were eaten during the Pajama Party.  It’s a very cold, crisp day and the chicklets and their guests are planning a visit to the Sewing Costume Building to see Resa’s sign, now that it’s properly hung up and the costumes inside.

After that they are going to the Party Barn for one very early act and games.

There is a busy day ahead and everyone is very excited.


Resa has made costumes for the chicklets in the past. They have worked together before. She made this beautiful work of art for Valentine’s Day…and…

…the chicklets are using it as the sign in the front of the Sewing Committee’s Hall of Fame.  Inside the Sewing Hall of Fame, the lovely Art Gowns, as well of some of the things made by the chicklets and their friends, are beautifully displayed on proper mannequins, in all shapes and sizes, so that everyone can enjoy seeing them once again.

There was never proper signage on the building, until now.  Resa’s poster is just what was needed.  A huge round of chirps and wing flaps to Resa.

According to the new rule, two chicklets have to be on the food display committee at the same time, in order to stop each other from eating all the food…

However, the rule doesn’t seem to work.  Susan was unable to stop Prickles from eating the cookies that Melanie made.  The Jammy Hearts were gone before anyone else had any.  Prickles was very sorry but admitted that the cookies were so delicious, he just couldn’t stop from having…one more.  Susan did her best to stop him, and even pecked at his wing, but he ignored her pecks and ate all of them.  He didn’t feel so good afterward, but he said he wasn’t unhappy.

The Cookie Booth was being set up for an after Story Time treat.

The hens were not pleased and are trying to recreate Melanie’s cookies.  But Melanie bakes by instinct, so they are having a bit of a problem.  They decided to simply make sugar cookies and put jam in the center.  Everyone will be happy with those.


Raven is the head of the Library Committee…

Everyone always looks forward to Beth’s story time.  A vote was taken and it was decided that she would read later today, rather than wait until tomorrow.  A line is already forming outside the library and those who live at The Coop, and their guests, are extremely excited to hear the new stories.

Raven made the sign and she’s ushering everyone inside.  She’s a very good librarian and committee leader.  She loves books and makes sure they are well cared for.  Story time is one of her favorite things.

It’s going to be a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend.

Holly’s Valentine Corn bread treats…Chicklet Valentine’s Day Party begins…

The guests have arrived and the Chicklet Valentine’s Day Party has officially begun.  Clarence was in charge of setting up Holly’s Corn bread treats for an after breakfast snack.  Unfortunately, Clarence decided to taste test the corn bread and couldn’t seem to control himself.

When interviewed for The Coop newspaper, he simply chirped, “It was just so delicious, what else could I have done?”   Everyone understood his dilemma and a meeting was held where a rule was passed, saying that no one could be in charge of food products alone.  At least two beings would have to be present for the set-up.

Everyone felt much better after that.  The good news is that Holly made enough corn bread for everyone, so no one will go without a slice, or two.

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