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Okay, so…demonstrators

I’ve been reading posts on the George Floyd murder.  The violence and looting that has been seen, is often paid for by our government.  They PAY people to start violence, so that peaceful demonstrators look as if they are violent … Continue reading

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Waldina Week in Review — Waldina

The above photos were taken by a friend and are of Seattle burning yesterday. I rarely post anything to Facebook for a multitude of reasons, it is just not the platform that I like to use to express myself. But … Continue reading

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Anais Nin – Words To Live By — Waldina

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. – Anais Nin via Anais Nin – Words To Live By — Waldina

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The petition to sign for the wrongful death of George Floyd, from blogger pendantry. Please check it out and sign.

pendantry pendantry.wordpress.comx I have just one thing to say here:

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Metanoia — lauravent69

via Metanoia — lauravent69

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Here’s the thing.  There are ALWAYS beginnings and endings.  Big beginnings and little ones.  Big endings and well, tiny ones.  That’s what life is…starts and stops. I think we are going to see the end of a lot of things … Continue reading

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GOD in America…

Picture:  Pixabay

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The Conversation…

“Stop pacing.  You’re making my eyes hurt.” “I can’t.  I’m SO angry.  They just murdered a man in cold blood, in front of everyone, and nothing is going to happen to his killers.  A slap on the wrist for the … Continue reading

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I love her art…(2 pictures)

The problem with this book is that the print is sooooo tiny, it’s hard to read.  

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Today is: National Speak in Complete Sentences Day, which means trump can’t talk until tomorrow.

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