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I think we can all recognize JOY…


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What a beautiful dog…

Photo:  Ivan Samkov Pexels

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Sometimes we all need something a little silly, to get us through the day and this witchy doggie just does the trick.

Photo:  Karolina Grabowska Pexels

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Bernard often found himself in strange situations…

I fell in love the moment I saw this picture.  How adorable is this sweet puppy????? Zak Neilson Unsplash

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Maggie…proof that some dogs really do like to dress up…

Mags is no longer with us, but she had a long and happy life.  When she was little, my granddaughter loved to dress her up. Maggie LOVED wearing all kinds of clothes and would growl and try and bite anyone … Continue reading

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I often wonder what it would be like to run full out, like a dog. The joy they must feel. The excitement. Seems wonderful.

Photo:  Wolfgang 157 Pixabay

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Halloween’s coming…woof…a poem

I like dogs who get into the swing of things who love to celebrate who aren’t afraid to throw on a GHOST costume and go for it dogs who look you straight in the eyes and say I’m comfortable with … Continue reading

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just because you’re wee doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice   Photo:  Gantas Vičiulėnas Unsplash

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Gotta love a dog with an attitude…

Photo:  Erik Mclean Unsplash

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We love who we love…

  Picture:  Pixabay

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