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Dogs love sticks…they’re like cats that way. You can buy them lots of toys but give a cat a box, or a dog a stick and you have made them both happy.

Photo:  Skyler Ewing

Road trip…

Boston Terrier inside a vehicle

Photo:  Avi Richards

How sweet is this…

Dog, Cat, Animals, Bull Terrier, Pets

Photo:  Pixabay

I have a friend who loves this as much as the dog…someone just has to say ride, and she’s in the car.

The dog’s eyes are beautiful.


Photo:  Lorren & Loki

A sheep in dog’s clothing…

Sheep, Herd, Dog, Livestock, Grazing

Photo:  Pixabay

It is my opinion, that dogs have more fun on the beach than anyone else…

Dog, Animal, Beach, Sand, Seashore

Photo:  Pixabay

Dashing through the snow…

Photo:  Emma Birman

Okay, so…another dog.

I love dogs, but I’m a cat person.  Having said that, I have a lot of dog statues BECAUSE they all look at me with sad eyes and ask to be given a home, and I CAN’T SAY NO TO ANY OF THEM.

Anyway, my daughter and I were in a resale shop and there he was.  She said “I’ve seen him before.  I almost bought him.  I think he wants to go home with you.”  She does that to me now and then, especially when she wants to save someone, but doesn’t want to get whoever it is for herself.  She feels better knowing the dog has a good home, as long as it’s not HER home.  And I’m an idiot, seeing a poor dog that no one wants, usually means he’s mine.

He has a crack by his nose but he has beautiful eyes and a generous heart, so he’s on the kitchen counter, by the statue of a white cat who needed a home a little while ago.

He’s a beautiful dog and now he’s safe, so everyone is happy.  As for the crack by his nose, well no one is perfect and just because he’s broken, doesn’t mean  he isn’t  perfect.

It’s hard for me to be around animals, even some statues, because I want all of them to home with me.  ALL of them.  At one point there were more  live birds, lizards, dogs, cats and various others, than there were people in our house.  It was wonderful.  But everyone dies, and you can only take that for so long before you feel like dying too, so you don’t have to say goodbye any longer.

Anyway, the dog hasn’t told me his name yet.  I think he’s discussing it with the cat statue, but she doesn’t have a name either.  I’ll let you know once they both decide.  Some tell me their names right away, others are shy, or traumatized, and it takes awhile.  Sigh.

I would have been okay being raised by wolves.  It probably would have been better for everyone else if I had been.  Seriously you can ask anyone who knows me…it would have been better.

Do you ever wonder how dogs would dress us up, if they could? I do.

white and brown long coated small dog wearing santa hat

Photo:  KarstenWomegeart

I’ve said it before…dogs really know how to have fun.

Photo:  Dustin Bowdige

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