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Walk softly and carry a realllly BIG stick…

dog biting brown wood on road

Photo:  Jamie Street

I can’t reach the pedal…

white and black french bulldog sitting on car seat

Photo:  Jeppe Mønster

Easter’s almost here…

Photo:  Benjamin Lehman

Who doesn’t love splashing around..

black and tan short coat small dog running on brown field during daytime

Photo:  Patrick Hendry

Something silly to start your weekend…

black and white dog with disguise eyeglasses

Photo:  Braydon Anderson

Madam Butterfly…

White and Black Short Coat Small Dog Wearing a Green Butterfly Head Band

Jupiter, a very short story about an adventurous dog…

French Bulldog, Frenchie, Forest, Nature, Dog

Jupiter wasn’t like other dogs.  I don’t mean to imply that all dogs are alike, because they aren’t.  Everyone knows that.  But Jupiter was one-of-a-kind.  He was an explorer.  He was a free dog, traveling the world, or at least part of it.

He stayed to himself, for the most part, although he did meet friends along the way.  But he was a lone Frenchie at heart, and could only put up with others for a certain amount of time.  They broke his concentration, his mood, his ability to commune with nature.

He did fall madly in love with Stella, a sweet dog he met in North Dakota.  He asked her to run away with him, and while she seriously thought about it, she had to say, no.  The girl she lived with would be heartbroken if she left.  She hoped she would see him again, on his return trip, but he told her that he went where the open road took him.  She watched him leave, walking down the side of the highway.  He didn’t look back, so she didn’t see the sadness in his eyes.

Stanley, a male Tom Cat, traveled with Jupiter for a year before deciding to settle down with a well fed group of feral cats in Georgia.  They said their goodbyes and wished each other well.  Jupiter would miss him.  He was a quiet companion, and an outstanding hunter.

But it’s like that on the open road.  Friends come and go.  For a dog like Jupiter,  however, he had to see what was around the next corner, or at the end of the next road.  So he just keep going, living off the kindness of strangers and by his own wits.

Jupiter wasn’t like other dogs.  He was one-of-a-kind.


Photo:  Pixabay

Sing Nina Simone’s, Wild is the Wind, LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME, SAY YOU DO…and I’ll be your sweet puppy…

Photo Of A Puppy

Photo:  Laura Stanley

Raving beauty…grace and sweetness.

White and Brown Long Coated Dog

Photo:  Karolina Wv

What a sweetheart…A Golden is like living with sunshine by your side…

dog holding flower

Photo:  Celine Sayuri Tagami

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