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Remember to laugh today…

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Friends are joy wrapped up in laughter…

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Quote: John Cleese, actor/writer

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I’m struck by how laughter connects you with people.
it’s almost impossible to maintain any kind of distance
or any sense of social hierarchy when you’re just howling with laughter.
Laughter is a force for democracy.

–John Cleese

Don’t forget to laugh…

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Just a reminder…

Okay, so…warning…run on sentences below

So, the universe is going out in ice.  For a long time, astronomers thought we might end up crispy critters but no, once they found out that the Universe was expanding they figured the sun turning into a red giant was no longer a problem.  Besides, if the sun started growing, on her way to burning out, we’d be dead a long time before we could see it happen.  The oceans would dry up, well EVERYTHING would dry up, and then she would eat us, which seems only fair I guess, after all she has been keeping us warm for a long time, so she’s entitled to a snack before she becomes a wee thing.  She’s too small to become a black hole, so white dwarf it is, but as I said, it’s ice that will end us and what an ending it will be. Like a lot of things, we can’t imagine what total and complete darkness is, and that darkness will be EVERYWHERE, I’m talking the entire universe.  NO stars, suns, nothing…just dead rocks, pitch black and temps so low, well, no one makes parkas’ that would keep us warm enough, that’s for sure, and the air would freeze our frozen lungs, besides, we couldn’t see ANYTHING, so what’s the point?  I mean, if you can never take off your gloves because they are frozen to your dead hands, surely there’s no fun in THAT.

The stars are moving away faster and faster, which is cool when you think about it, because they’re busy and not just hanging around waiting for stuff to happen, they have an agenda, or someone/thing has an agenda.   Maybe you think it’s just physics doing its thing but I think the stuff in the universe is getting bored, so it’s running away from us at an alarming rate.  Not fast enough to do anything for a VERY LONG TIME, but we know it’s coming.

See, here’s the thing…there’s no where to hide.  If the universe turns off the light and takes its ball and goes home…we can’t BUY, or SHOOT, our way out of that one.  Again, we’ll be gone before we get to see it happen because humans are a delicate bunch and prone to die in severe weather conditions when THINGS ARE FROZEN AND PLANTS DON’T GROW and we starve, but that’s a story for another time.

I often think about all the dead things that will be hanging in black space.  So dark we can’t even pretend to understand it.  NO LIGHT FROM ANYWHERE…see, we don’t even know how to think about that.  Maybe one blind worm, on some weird planet, a worm that can survive in unthinkable cold, a worm who doesn’t mind being alone and sings show tunes to itself before bed, could survive by eating rocks and in it’s many solitary hours, it might come up with a plan and figure out how to make light and then, after the worm made light, it could draw up plans for the wheel and start the whole thing all over again.  Hmmm, there may be a few holes in that theory but you never know, not really.  Perhaps that’s exactly how this whole mess began. But again, all the rich, greedy and powerful men would be equal then, wouldn’t they. Because everyone dies and if the universe is finished playing with us, well, think of all the time we’ve wasted dieting and running on treadmills, denying ourselves pleasure and foregoing chocolate sundaes every single day.

Maybe that’s what we need.  A horrific threat that would bloody well scare EVERYONE so much that we would get along for a day or two, eat CARBS and have great farewell parties, while the rich guys ran to their bunkers where they thought they would be safe, where they thought their power was hidden and when it was over and they finally came out, to be radiated into a slow, agonizing, death, they would find themselves alone, staring at fireproof signs made by all the happy party goers saying, “Finally!  Now you can kill each other!”

And the the tiny worm, on  its weird planet, would be laughing in its sleep and dreaming of fire and a way to stop the human species from ever rising again.

No matter how bad your day gets…always take time to laugh.



If you want a good laugh…




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When I saw this lovely ewe the first thing I thought about were all the ads where women were posing exactly like this.  I started laughing because I was wondering if all the rams were like, “Oh, wow, look at her…full body, great ears and those legs…they go on forever.”  Hey, I’m just sayin’..

Laugh it up…


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