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Dark chocolate is good for our hearts…a chunk a day…is delicious.

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Start your day out right…indulge

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Dark chocolate…bittersweet…the staff of life.

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From: Candy…soooo funny


Today is: National Chocolate Day…YAYAYAYAYAYA!!! I had it for breakfast.

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Mmmmmmm…have a chocolatey day (2 pictures)

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Hi.  My name is Georgiann and I’m a chocaholic.

They don’t have weekly meetings for chocaholics and the reason is simple.  All the addicts would refuse to go to a place that didn’t have chocolate treats after the meeting.

Chocolate is a lovely dark creamy drug that the people around me better hope never becomes illegal, or impossible to get.  I’m a happy person, in spite of the things I usually write about.  But all bets are off if I don’t have chocolate everyday, sometimes many times a day.  Without chocolate, my world turns very dark and bad thoughts begin to circle, like vultures, waiting for my dead body to hit the ground.

My husband kept chocolate bits in the car.  He would hand them too me as needed. Chocolate keeps me civilized.  Keeps me steady and able to function.  Dark chocolate.  Bitter chocolate, that’s what I like.  None of that pale milk chocolate for me.  No milk chocolate covered cherries, or creams.  I want the dark stuff, preferably in chunks.  Maybe dark chocolate covered almonds, now and then, or dark chocolate ice cream with bitter chunks sticking out of it.

Really, when you think about it, as sucky as life can be, if you can lock yourself away now and then, with a ton of books, a lovely cup of tea, a cat, and DARK chocolate, you can pretty much live through anything.  Once you stop staring at the wall, that is.


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