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So, here’s the thing…

The chicklets wanted to say goodby and tell you that they will miss you.  So they are peeping and chirping to a rock & roll beat.  They want you to know they won’t fall into a volcano or be eaten … Continue reading

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Yellow carnation…

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W5: The Soul of Star Formation…from: Astronomy Picture of the Day…beautiful

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I’m taking the chicklets to Hawaii…

You know how the chicklets love to travel.  They are very excited.  We are leaving on Monday but this will be my last post until May 2nd.  The kids are moving in and I have to get the house ready … Continue reading

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Jack of Hearts…Chapter 21

“Who was he?” “The Bicycle.” “You think he’s a bicycle?” “He’s not A Bicycle, he’s THE Bicycle.  That’s the deck we use and there’s only one other person higher than he is.” “What’s he called?” “No one knows and he … Continue reading

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Em came in for a minute…this is her taking a last look before she leaves…

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Street art…

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No matter what…

no matter what was going on I knew that everything would be okay if I could only lean against you

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Street art…

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Jack of Hearts…Chapter 20

“Sorry about Four,” said the good-looking, tall, broad shouldered, man in the pinstriped suit.  “She was a good….” “Yes, she was,” agreed Ace.  “What have you found out?” Mathews has been trapping and smuggling other-worldly beings into our area.  It’s … Continue reading

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