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So, here’s the thing…

The chicklets wanted to say goodby and tell you that they will miss you.  So they are peeping and chirping to a rock & roll beat.  They want you to know they won’t fall into a volcano or be eaten by a shark, so don’t worry.  Aloha.


Yellow carnation…

W5: The Soul of Star Formation…from: Astronomy Picture of the Day…beautiful

I’m taking the chicklets to Hawaii…

You know how the chicklets love to travel.  They are very excited.  We are leaving on Monday but this will be my last post until May 2nd.  The kids are moving in and I have to get the house ready for them, so they can have fun while I’m gone.  They are going to take care of Emmie, the mail, plants, house and everything else.  They are looking forward to living here and I’m happy they are staying, so it’s a win-win situation and they can eat anything they like…cuz I’m leaving them LOTS of money for FOOD.

The chicklets have been practicing the hula and two of them want to learn how to twirl fire batons while they’re there.  I’m not too sure about that but it’s probably better than letting them play on a volcano…maybe.  Have to wait and see. Chirp.

Anyway, I’ll be back, hopefully with a few good pictures.  I want a photo of my cousin (we are going together), in a grass skirt with a coconut bra but she just growls at me when I bring it up.  She’s looking forward to eating dead fish and things from the ocean.  😦  I’ll be gnawing on pineapples and trying not to barf on her, or on her plate.

So until May 2nd.  Enjoy life and cross your fingers that the chicklets don’t get into too much trouble.

Jack of Hearts…Chapter 21

“Who was he?”

“The Bicycle.”

“You think he’s a bicycle?”

“He’s not A Bicycle, he’s THE Bicycle.  That’s the deck we use and there’s only one other person higher than he is.”

“What’s he called?”

“No one knows and he is a SHE, for your information.”

“The Bicycle is a woman?” asked Tim, surprised.  “I couldn’t even tell.”

“NO, you crazy person.  The person higher than the Bicycle is a woman.”

“Oh, that makes more sense.”

“Do you say these things to annoy me?”

“Sometimes,” he snickered, handing her a piece of candy.

“It makes me want to stab you in the heart.”

“Hmmm.  Interesting image, but thanks anyway. I do it to keep you on your toes and because it’s fun.”

“Do you want to have sex later?”

“I want to have sex now, actually,” he said.

“Will you stop teasing me?”

“Definitely. Especially, if we can we do it right now.”

“Not now,” said Ace. “Now, we are getting ice cream.”


Em came in for a minute…this is her taking a last look before she leaves…

Street art…


No matter what…


Street art…

Southeast Austin

Jack of Hearts…Chapter 20

“Sorry about Four,” said the good-looking, tall, broad shouldered, man in the pinstriped suit.  “She was a good….”

“Yes, she was,” agreed Ace.  “What have you found out?”

Mathews has been trapping and smuggling other-worldly beings into our area.  It’s illegal, it’s slavery and we can’t allow that to continue.  I think Four helped some of his cargo escape and that’s why she was killed.  She was that kind of woman.  She had a big heart.  I liked her too, Ace.”

“How are they doing it?”

“I don’t know.  If they’re getting into Fairy….”

“That can’t happen and you know it,” interrupted Ace.  “There are rules.”

“They can get through to other planes.  When they began importing, the beings they brought across, died.  They’ve been working to make the trips easier on them and I have info that tells me they are acclimating some of them to our atmosphere, while they are still on their own worlds.  We have to take them down.  Any way we can.”

Ace smiled.  “Nice seeing you again,” she said, offering her hand.

“Who’s the guy?” he said, nodding at Tim.


“Not a chance,” he grinned.

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