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Rome, Italy

Pigeons roosting by the Colosseum in Rome, Italy (2 photographs)

They had a nest in the right hand corner of the ancient arch.  This was taken right next to the colosseum. The pigeons were very busy building a nest.

Ruins of an old palace

Rome, Italy

This was a huge palace.  The outer walls are gone but it’s still beautiful.

Street in Rome, Italy

Urban renewal on the move


Rome, Italy

The pope giving his weekly blessing to the crowd at the Vatican

Rome, Italy

This is a small section of the crowd waiting to be blessed on a weekday around lunchtime.  The pope had absolutely no inflection when spoke, speaking in a flat, monotone, droning pattern, while he read his entire speech.  Completely impersonal and without emotion.  Apparently he gave a sermon rather than his usual blessing (it was in Italian, of course), so it was a lot longer than usual.  This was an interesting and unexpected side trip.  A weird thing to observe.  People had their eyes glued to the window, when they weren’t pushing and shoving each other, that is.  People were waving at the pope, who wasn’t even looking up.  The window was very high, so the picture was taken with my zoom open as far as it would go.


Rome, Italy

Apartment overlooking the Spanish Steps

Rome, Italy

Graffiti in Rome

Rome, Italy


Flower growing wild in Rome, Italy

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