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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is an old, super soft, oversized, inexpensive t-shirt that I put on in order to beat back the never ending GRAY, DARK days we always have.  I turn up the music and DANCE!

Okay, admittedly, that doesn’t make the sun come out but I just turn on all the lights and boogie.  If I didn’t do that, once in a while, I would just lay, face down on the rug and never get up.  It’s so dark, so often.  It’s 36 degrees, might hit 40 today but they lie. They also said it’s supposed to be sunny all day…they lied again, although the sun is trying to eat the clouds, at the moment.  Actually, I suppose it IS sunny SOMEWHERE, just not here.  I think I’ll put my t-shirt on and act as if I live where the weather is actually NICE ONCE IN A WHILE!  LOL

Seriously, weather is the number one topic around here.  If you go into a store, someone who works there will always ask, “What’s it like outside?”  Because they know that things change constantly and whatever it was like when they came to work has noting to do with what it’s like at any other time of the day.  Deb’s patients always tell her what it’s like outside, when they come in for treatment.  LOL  The weather here is so crazy that we never stop talking about it.  And yet we stay and dream of sunlight and warm breezes, flowers and nice weather two days in a row.  Sigh.  Yeah, definitely time to put the t-shirt on.


My Poe t-shirt…


Mona rocks…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of my favorite t-shirts.  I wear it all the time.

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