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We all fade, if we live long enough…but the beauty remains

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This is from Seth Godin today…the high lightening is mine.

  Make things better I’ve come to realize that this is a controversial statement for some people. Two issues, it seems: Better implies that what we have right now is imperfect. Better requires change, and change is scary. Better might … Continue reading

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These are just a FEW of the things that I think are more important than rebuilding Notre Dame…The list is incomplete and does not include pollution, corruption, violence against the gay, trans and lesbian community, poisoning of the oceans and the life in them, poisoning our own food, killing the bees and other insects/animals…and on and on…but be sure to give money to a building, because so many people seems to think the burning of the church is a real TRAGEDY.

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What does this picture say to you?

I suppose the picture could stand for serenity, peace, calmness, meditation, even death.  It might be beautiful to many.  I like looking at it, but I’d never want to be in that situation.  The birds are nice.  The water’s like … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Life is fleeting. We’re born into an obstacle course and we are on it until we die.  Some races are slow and some are faster than we can manage, but somehow, most of us keep going.  Even if we only … Continue reading

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My cousin called and said, “Notre Dame in Paris, is on fire.” To be honest, my first thought was: Shakespeare & Company is kitty corner, so I hope they contain the fire so the bookstore doesn’t burn. I’ve been to Notre Dame a couple of times. They’ll rebuild, most likely using money from the poor and working class, so the rich church can keep its gold. They expect donations from around the world. Everyone was worried about the statues and art but they supposedly believe that life after death is what’s important, and that everything is only here for a short time, so it’s okay to let things go, even great works of art. Right? A million things could be said about the beauty of the architecture, but it was really dark inside. It’s a huge loss and very sad. The bookstore was fine.

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Save the children???

people always talk about saving the children but the thing most people don’t think about is that they were once the CHILDREN and no one saved them they were conditioned brainwashed forced to obey punished brutalized bullied loved treated with … Continue reading

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