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Okay, so…

I’ve given up hoping for Peace on Earth.  Without a catastrophic event, it’s never going to happen.  Even then, who knows?  We’re like a huge pot of boiling water and as long as the flame is on high, the water’s … Continue reading

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Okay, so…

Heaven and hell.  I don’t believe in either one of them but I’ve always wondered why hell is supposed to be DOWN and heaven UP.  (In reality Up and Down, don’t exist).  Sure, life exists everywhere, I mean we are … Continue reading

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…we’re already doing this…or else we’d be doing something different…

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Rubber Stamps

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I’m reading this excellent book and…

During the depression, when people were out of work and had lost everything, the government paid artists to create.  That was a wonderful thing, but here’s the REAL kicker…those who had nothing, no jobs, or goods, had time to recognize … Continue reading

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What we are…a poem

there’s nothing in our past that isn’t part of us now everything that has happened to us or around us will be with us forever because we are the result of each of those things we are  the record of … Continue reading

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What’s going on?

  PBS has an hour long program called, “Documenting Hate: The new American Nazi.”  I’m sure it’s an informative and very important program.  I’m not watching it.  I think it’s wrong to give the haters air time.  They don’t deserve … Continue reading

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