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Okay, so…

Pinterest Quote by:  Lewis Carrol Everything is happening at the same time, so according to physicists, the past, the now and the future are all going on this second.  Interesting for sure and still…we make a mess of everything. … Continue reading

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Think about it…

Forever is the amount of time that came before we were born into this lifetime and forever will be the amount of time that will come after we’re gone…so in reality the amount of time we’re here is almost too … Continue reading

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life never stands still if you put things off   the right moment can be lost forever

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I love this and it’s true to me…

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Okay, so…

Have you ever noticed how boys don’t know much about fairy tales?  They don’t have special clothing for the ball and no one locks them up in towers, or renders them unconscious.  In fairy tales the boys make the choices, … Continue reading

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Okay, so…pizza and r.h. Sin, icky stuff and chipmunks

I went to Barnes and bought some Moleskine journals, blank pages and tan covers.  I can draw/write in them and on them.  They are thin and fabulous.  Anyway…I saw a poetry book by r.h.Sin.  I’ve seen a couple quotes on … Continue reading

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This is perfect! True and if more people asked these questions the world would be a different place. The Status Quo=death to freedom, and life.

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