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One…a poem

what people say about needing others isn’t always true alone one can still stand tall reach for the sun and be happy

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just remember that this gorgeous picture of still water peaceful moments and clear skies can lead to stagnation if left this way too long the truth is we need movement action thunder lightening wind and waves if we are to … Continue reading

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Last night…

Emily doesn’t feel good.  I’m going to have to catch her and take her to the vet tomorrow.  She’s not eating normally and she’s just “off.”  I’ve been taking to my cousin, who is an emergency vet tech, and she … Continue reading

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Wedding chatter…

“Our wedding’s very cool,” said the groom, opening the top buttons on his shirt “Totally,” said the bride.  “The music’s great.” “It should be, we picked it out.” “It looks as if people are having a good time,” she said, … Continue reading

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A chance meeting…

  “Um, excuse me,” said the little girl.  “What are you doing?” “I’m showing how powerful I am.  That I’m part of the universe, master of it all.” The little girl started giggling.  “You’re what?” “I am better than all … Continue reading

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If you want to keep things going in life…you have to show up.

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If there is an underlying reality, we don’t know what it is.  There are only individual realities.  Individual realities are forced to co-exist, since we are in the same space, seeing and experiencing the same things differently, each in our … Continue reading

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Ask yourself what it is…

what makes your space tolerable what can’t you live without what feeds your creativity your mind what do you have to have to be at peace no matter how big or small what is it and why

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Reality, as we know it, is created by each of us, as we move through space/our lives.  Everything we do, or decide, adds to the reality for the whole.  When we, or someone/thing dies, those parts of the reality end … Continue reading

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Pawns…a poem

so many thing in life just happen they can’t be stopped or explained we have no control over events all we can do is try and live through whatever it is and come out on the other side no matter … Continue reading

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