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Okay, so…

Life is supposedly easier if we are living in the right city, town, country, doing whatever it is that we love.  And that’s true, for a lot of people.  If you hate cities you won’t be happy living in one, same goes for country life.

It seems to me, however, that we don’t actually choose anything.  Our bodies just follow the instructions it gets from hormones and all the chemicals that run through us, along with our core personalities, the one’s we come here with. Those things send instructions to our brains, and our brains forward the information to us in some very creative ways.

Newborns have likes and dislikes and they respond to things according to who they are.  Just ask Piaget, or was it Erikson?  I think it was Piaget.   Anyway, our innate personalities are responsible for the things we end up liking, doing, or getting ourselves into.  We like to think we’re in charge, but…we really aren’t.  I’ve said it before, our bodies are just the cars our brains drive to get from one place to another.  I’m not sure where our programming comes from, but it’s there.  Naturally, it can be impacted by our environment.

Parenting doesn’t always go hand in hand with budding creativity.  Instead it’s job is to turn innocent children into drones who will not cause trouble and will dedicate their lives to making the rich and powerful more rich and powerful.  Then those adult workers will grow old and hope their social security doesn’t get stollen by the rich and powerful they helped stay that way, so they won’t have to eat cat food and live under a viaduct in a cardboard box.   In between work and driving back and forth, people usually clean, mow the lawn, or shovel snow.  Because idle hands are the devil’s work, or something like that.  A saying that was surely written by rich people who do little to no work at all.  And why should they?  That’s what everyone else is for.  And where do the rich get their money?  From us, of course.  If that makes sense, then so does giving themselves huge raises, while telling the workers the economy tanked and there’s no money for them.

Children may also be brought up to follow in someone’s footsteps and be encouraged, forced, or pushed into becoming a doctor, lawyer, General, mother, whatever.  Happiness doesn’t always play a part in what others demand of their children.  Guilt and manipulation are powerful tools.  But it’s always for the child’s best, even though it’s usually for the parent’s best.

Sometimes we do things because we’re just good at doing them.   Why are people good at certain things?  Who knows.  Past life?  Knack?  Natural talent?  Whatever.  Some people know what they want to be from the age of two.  I still don’t know what I want to be, but I was born before the asteroid hit the earth, so my choices are becoming more limited by the day.  I’m not sure that I’m actually good at anything.  And my attention span is…


Sometimes the road we follow, isn’t made of yellow bricks…

Brown Wooden Pathway Between Green Grass

Photo:  Anastasia Pavlova

Nightfall…a poem

Forest, Tree, The Sunlight, Dark

when the forest
settles down for the night
and the light fades
the sounds change
prey and predator
go to their appointed places
some hide
and some
their eyes huge
as mice
run for cover
it’s the nightly game
of survival
we all play it
each and every
one of us


Photo:  Pixabay

Okay, so…

Sea, Sky, Seascape, Sunset, Shore

Life, is a fixed game.  It’s a hierarchy of power, from the smallest living thing to the planet itself.  Anything bigger than anything else has power over it.  Anything stronger has power over anything weaker.  Unfair and hateful, but true.

If a bigger thing isn’t hungry or angry, or greedy, or crabby, or just a moron, then we might live to see another day.  If those things aren’t in effect…well, it’s all over.

When you think about it, it’s pretty simple.  Our lives truly depend on what the bigger and stronger ones feel like doing.  Period.

If you step on an ant, you normally don’t stop to think about the ending of a life.  You don’t know if anyone is waiting for the ant to come back to the colony, or whether or not the ant had plans.  We are too self important and egotistical to think about anyone but ourselves.  We are stronger and far bigger than the ant, so the ant’s desires and wishes don’t matter.  WE don’t like to be treated that way, but it’s okay for us to treat the rest of the world that way, including the planet itself.  That’s what the bigger and stronger beings do.  They don’t really care anyone but themselves.

Life is set up around death.  Animals have to kill to survive.  Their instincts don’t really give them a choice.  A lion will go after a zebra, not because she doesn’t like the zebra, but because her body is already running after it.   For many animals, run and they will chase you.  Stand still and a lot of them aren’t interested.  It’s all about instincts.

We, on the other hand, believe that we have a choice.   Sadly, we almost always choose destruction.

Volcanoes, earth quakes and weather conditions don’t count, when it comes to deaths.  None of those things have intent.  Those events aren’t out to get anyone, they just are.  A storm doesn’t think itself into being so it can attack the coast and kill people.  Only we do those things.  We enslave, torture and kill.  Other species don’t have holding cages, cells and electrodes.   That’s just the human way.

Pretty pathetic and misguided, if you ask me.  But it’s what we are, or we wouldn’t be able to do it.  Of course, the ability to hate has a lot to do with some of the terrible things we do.  Hate and just not caring about who is suffering as long as it’s not us.  That makes sense in a strange way because our lives are so complex we can’t possibly deal with all the horrible things going on, and we have been made to feel hopeless, so we often just give up.  Which is exactly what the bigger and stronger beings want, because then they don’t have to deal with the weaker beings, while they’re trying to  get a tan and count their assets.

The electronic age has desensitized us in a big way.  But you already know that.  We don’t know what’s coming next because we are never told what’s going on and we are constantly lied to by everyone, including scientists.   Where there’s money to be made, there are lies.  And besides the sheep don’t need the truth…they’re just sheep.  A herd to use as needed.

We could ever trust anyone, it’s just that we didn’t see how crazy they were before.  Their craziness and evil weren’t on full display all day and night.  The truth is…we were always at the hands of the biggest and strongest/richest, who saw us as ants.  Except for Eleanor Roosevelt.  Yes.  Except for her.  She used the little power she had for the good of the people.





green trees in forest during daytime

beautiful forest
sun kissed
misty morning
but some of us
are city people
through and through
and as lovely as this forest looks
I need the city
if I am to breath
the noise
they don’t exist
in the forest
where things
are silent
and hiding
I don’t belong there


Photo:  Michael Krahn

What’s happening now…

woman in black tank top sitting in front of computer

“Link, do you think people can dream while they’re awake?” she asked.

“Hmmm,” he muttered.

“I’m talking to you, could you pease stop looking at the screens for two seconds.”


“So, do you?”

“Do I what,” he whispered.

“Do you think you can get a new girlfriend, because I’m outta here.”


Photo:  Charles Asselin

Tippy and Pin…a short story.

Yellow Wall, Cat, Girl, Pet, Animal

Tippy and Pin were inseparable.  Every night, before bed, they went to Tippy’s special window and looked out into other worlds.  They saw stars, snowflakes, and yellow sun’s. They saw trees laughing and dancing in a meadow.  They saw living beings for which they had no names.  They saw beginnings and endings.  They saw light and darkness.  They heard sounds and saw flashes of colors that weren’t in their world.

Afterward Pin always crawled onto Tippy’s lap and they discussed what they had seen.  Then they both grew quiet, and fell asleep in each others, arms.

Photo:  Pixabay

Okay, so…

Blue and White Sorry We're Closed Wooden Signage

…said every mind everywhere

Here’s the thing…EVERYTHING is bigger than we are.  EVERYTHING.  That’s partly because we don’t actually know anything.  We get by, by making things up and letting our EMOTIONS control us.  Our GIGANTIC EGOS are connected to our fantasy which, unfortunately, we believe to be reality.  We have been taught to forget that there are as many realities as their are people.

The “paths,” we supposedly follow/walk, are littered with pitfalls, lies, explosions, along with a few patches of grass or sand, and maybe a waterfall or two.

Emotions can sometimes drags us around because we are never realllllly taught how to interpret and control them. And don’t forget that some of the emotions we have that are labeled BAD, are actually good for us, it’s just easier to control the masses, if those emotions aren’t allowed to surface.  Those “BAD,” emotions are terrifying to those in power.  Our communal reality, is based on power, greed, lies, control and fear.

Emotions can sometimes be like riding on an out of control rollercoaster.  They sit quietly on the platform, then they start crawling along, being dragged upward, until they peak and then, well, it’s straight down from there, until they’re caught and dragged up again.  Some people say it’s just the ups and downs of life.  And life certainly does have its ups and downs.

It’s pretty much the intensity of what people feel, that leads to one thing or another, good or bad, creative or destructive.  But what we FEEL aways leads us somewhere.

Most people don’t clean out their brain’s file folders on a regular basis, or EVER.  They believe what past generations have put into their heads, or the greedy church, who asks for nothing less than blind obedience, their children, their money and their SILENCE.  Hate and prejudice is passed from one generation to another, with no real reason for it. Sometimes it’s simply called, tradition.

The murder and eating of animals begins with baby food.  Generations of children are taught to believe that the torture, fear, and the death of innocents is not only okay, it’s  it’s the way things are.  Children are TAUGHT that cruelty only counts some of the time.  It only counts when it’s convenient and doesn’t get in the way of what anyone wants to do, or have, or kill, or wear, or eat, or enslave.

We act as if we make decisions based on actually information, but the information we have digested since birth, plays a part in everything we do.  People need to DEPROGRAM, as much as possible.  People need to review what they believe and what they are a part of.  The hatred that hurts all of us, has been TAUGHT and allowed to exist.  The violence against women and children, animals and nature has not only been taught, it has been encouraged and celebrated.

There is no way anything is going to change, because the men in power will not change.  Gun control will never become a real thing, no matter how many school shootings there are. People will not change.  Most people don’t want to change, or even know that they can.

Money, control and power are the real gods.  They aren’t invisible to the men in power, just to us.   People need to wake up.  We’re zombies, programed by our culture and the men in power who benefit from keeping us ignorant, seemingly helpless, and asleep.

I am encouraged by all the young kids who refuse to eat animals.  It’s encouraging to see that THEY are looking at things in a new way. They aren’t listening to past generations and some are changing their eating habits.  They are choosing a way that will help stop true suffering.  We still have such a long way to go, because egos let humans put themselves at the center of everything, lording over everything else that lives and breaths.  But while animal lovers are fighting for the rights of animals to live and be free from experimentation and free from being debeaked and killed, they are dying, screaming in fear, and THAT is what people eat.  People eat the hormones that have been shot into animals, along with the hormones fear and terror produce.

Beings in the sea are dying from our garbage, plastic, and poison.  Beings are going extinct at an alarming rate.  Our air is making kids SICK.  Inhalers are more common than ever.  There are days where there are air quality warnings.

Most people don’t realize that it only takes a second to change their minds.  A priest can change his mind and NOT rape a child.  A man can do the same when attacking a woman.  No one HAS to eat animals, it’s just one more choice people can make, but they don’t.  People don’t.

If people aren’t satisfied with the way the world is…it’s because of the choices they made that allow things like this to happen and keep happening.

EVERYTHING IS A CHOCE.  War, hatred, love, kindness, gentleness, friendship, murder, tenderness, all of those things are choices in how they are felt and expressed.

I think people can be truly strong, strong enough to change their points of view, strong enough to overcome their conditioning.  They just have to want to do it, but from the way things look…they just don’t want to.


Photo:  Tim Mossholder


Okay, so…

I was changing the water in the carnation vase and thought about the fact that when one flower starts to go, it infects all the others, unless it is removed.

People are exactly like that.  Psychic vampires, needy and whiny people, those who use others or manipulate them…they can infect those around them unless removed.  It’s up to each of us to rid ourselves of those who can make us sick, or drain us of our energy and joy.  it doesn’t matter who the person is.  Parents, siblings, co-workers, neighbors…anyone…we need to distance ourselves from those people, or end the relationship completely.  Don’t make excuses for keeping them in your life.  Don’t feel guilty, because they won’t care about the damage they cause, even if it’s well meaning.  Being around toxic people is a slow death.

You have to remove the flower that is turning brown, if you want the other flowers to remain healthy.  As I said, people are exactly the same way.  If it takes you days to recover from being with, or talking to someone, it’s time to move on.  No excuses.

It’s not always easy, but toxic people are everywhere and there’s no need for us to allow ourselves to be poisoned.


What we are…

Fantasy, Surreal, Eye, Time, Clock

We are TIME TRAVELERS.  We travel through time every second and it changes us.  Steady State is not applicable…we move through time, microsecond by microsecond. We travel when we’re a wake and when we’re asleep.  We travel through and to different times.  Dreams take us places, so do our personal visions and realities.  When we here, we’re just waking among other travelers.

I think sometimes we forget that’s what we are.  When that happens, we start making up gods and rules and dogma, beliefs and other silly, dangerous, hateful and non-inclusive things.  It’s the forgetting that gets us into trouble.

We are explorers moving through time.  Perhaps if we recognized that, we would spend more time exploring and less time fighting and destroying things.  Perhaps we would look upon life as something other than something that belongs to us and see it for what it is…an entity unto itself.

Photo:  Pixabay

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