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A colorful life, makes all the difference…be bold…use reds…poem

cover yourself with reds and yellows blues and greens don’t be stingy with purple and mangenta orange or teal use all the colors you can find and when you’re finished and your life is winding down rainbows will ask you … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to laugh…

picture: Pixabay

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if you think one thing is more complex than another it’s only because you don’t know the other life is one gigantic knot of chaos into which we dive head first looking for a quiet spot to sit before it … Continue reading

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Our lives are in a phone.  More and more personal contact has become messages typed on a tiny device we hold in our hand.  No need to read body language, or to speak, instead we send, 🙂 to show our … Continue reading

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If we don’t have a destination, every road leads to nowhere and everywhere, at the same time.   Life is exactly like that.  If we wander around, without anything in mind, everything is open to us.  Sometimes we need destinations and … Continue reading

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The salesman…

Life can be like a pushy salesman.  Once you come screaming into it, and open your eyes, the sales pitch begins.  You try to ignore it, but it keeps tapping on your front door.  If you don’t answer it, the … Continue reading

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A very short story about life…

“In the scheme of life, we don’t know where we’ve been, or where we’re going,” he said. “So what?” she asked, shoving more popcorn into her mouth. “Why do you care?  I mean, look at it logically.  You were someplace … Continue reading

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