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Everything leaves its mark, no matter how fleeting…one thing always leads to another.

a beach with waves crashing


A memory…poem

Free Woman in Black and White Striped Shirt Standing Near Body of Water Stock Photo

some people don’t leave
when they exit
stage left
they hang around
visiting people
and places
they loved
a living memory
just someone on a
different plane
of existence
wandering close
to the earthly life
he left behind
a memory
kept alive
by those who
miss him


Photo:  Ali Ramazan çiftçi


Free Brown Rock Formation Stock Photo

Photo:  Maria Loznevaya

Life in living color…

Bird, Scarlet Ibis, Zoo, Animal, Nature

Photo:  Pixabay

What a rush…

Photo:  Tim Mossholder

The clear spot…

Trees, Forest, Woods, Autumn, Nature

like the stars and nebulas
in the universe
we can’t see them
if they’re close up
we see fog
or mist
but when we’re in it
the spot around us
is clear
that’s what life on earth is like
each of us is standing
in a clear spot
in a sea of others
who are also
each standing
in their own
clear spot


Picture: Pixabay


The best kind of world is where people are kind and everyone can be themselves…

Photo:  Bjorn Pierre


black and red floral happy birthday signage

there are probably as many definitions
of love yourself
as there are people
to me it means being okay with myself
I am
and that’s good enough for me
the picture is pretty


Photo:  Annie Spratt

Everything Mother Nature makes…comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. None more beautiful than the other.

Photo:  Dagmara Dombrovska


Wind, Girl, Tree, Long Hair, Fairy Tale

some days are calm
and peaceful
other days
are so windy
flies around
and refuses
to settle down
that’s the way
life is
you never know
what you’re going to get
until you’re standing in it




Photo:  Pixabay

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