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I try…Poem

I try to stay still   locked inside myself   shutting out the media’s constant screaming   but the voice inside me keeps saying   we’re going backward and hate is standing in the wings

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Pink rose…

Chicago Botanic Garden

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From my friend Candy…we met a million years ago at a NOW convention. We talked, while waiting in line and became fast friends. We never saw each other again but we keep in touch everyday. Funny how that happens.

It never ends for women.  We get laws passed and then they are “revised,” taken away, or turned into fear mongering at election time.  The FEAR that women will have control over their own bodies, their own lives, make enough … Continue reading

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Haight/Ashbury was their favorite place in San Francisco…

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Music speaks to and for us.  It can be a reflection of our emotions, moods, or feelings.  It’s the true sound of life.  Listen.

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Everything that lives has a right to be free…

Humans are the only animals who jude the worth of all living beings, including each other.  We determine who should live or die, be used, abused, eliminated, or valued.  We pretend that we know what we’re doing.  We act as … Continue reading

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Star Trek…

First time Debbie and I were ever disappointed in a Star Trek film.  We are both huge fans but this one fell flat.  Too many dark shots, too much, or not enough of whatever they usually do.  Something was definitely … Continue reading

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