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Mother’s Day brunch is ready and the hens are very excited to see what their chicklets made for them.



The chicklets are greeting the hens as they file in for brunch…



Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere…the chicklets are setting up the gift table and getting ready for the big Mother’s Day Brunch

The day before Mother's Day


A reminder from the chicklets…TOMORROW IS MOTHER’S DAY…so wrap presents, get flowers and make crowns. The crowns are important and make the day special. All the hens will be getting one and they will wear them all day and when they think they need special treats during the rest of the year.


Quote: Mother

60+ Inspiring Mother Daughter Quotes


Mother’s Day…not just for humans. A poem

Free Monkeys Lemurs photo and picture
humans sometimes think
they are the only
species that matters
but we aren’t any different
from other animals
they love their babies
as much as we do
they will fight to the death
to protect their wee ones
just like we do
they are innocent
and beautiful
we should protect them
and be kind to them
for they are also our children
children who cannot fight back
and just want to be left alone
to live their lives
in peace
so on this
Mother’s Day weekend
let’s think about
no matter what they look like
or where they swim
or live
they never harm us
but live in fear
because of us
send them love
as for me
I always ask them for
because I can’t stop
what we do to them
and I’m so very ashamed
of our species


Photo:  Pixabay


The chicklets are almost ready for Mother’s Day. The decorations will be lovely and home grown.

The Flower committee

Have a Happy Mother’s Day…

Cat Family, Kitten, Cuddle, Small Cats

Photo: Pixabay


The chicklets wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day


Everyday is Mother’s Day…

orange fox lying on green grass during daytime

Photo”  Jeremy Hynes

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