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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a depression in one of the wooden bridge planks at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Because of the play of light on the wood, it’s almost impossible to know if what we are looking at, is a depression or something that is rising above the flat surface.  Knowing that it’s a depression makes it easier to see but we don’t always know what something is ahead of time.  I think this is exactly what life is…an illusion…everything depends on the play of light…and we never really know what we are looking at.


A study by the American Bar Association found that young girls who are accused of minor crimes tend to receive harsher sentences than boys who are convicted of more serious crimes.


Source:   It’s a Weird World by Paul Stirling Haagerman


The characteristic tail fins on the cars of the 1950’s were inspired by automotive designer Harley Earl’s fascination with the vertical stabilizers of the F-38 fighter plane.


Source:  It’s a Weird World by Paul Stirling Hagerman

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