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I think this is what it’s all about.  Earth, and everything on it, is just a child’s toy.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that we don’t know that it’s not true.  Maybe someday she’ll get tired of playing with us and shove us in the back of her closet, or down a black hole…and won’t THAT be fun!

We are a wee dot hanging out in space.  A science project for who knows what?  Maybe we’re just an accident, here because of the molecules that got together in the ooze.  I’m okay with that, just not with what we did to the planet.  Perhaps we’re like the bread experiment, the one where you put bread on a plate and watch it turn green.  We could have been put here to see what we would do and when the experimenter saw us starting to go bad, she lost interest and walked away.

I wouldn’t blame her.  Not at all.  How boring we must be.  Like playing with toy soldiers or plastic people in dollhouses.  Seriously, people have MASSIVE ADDICTIONS TO EVERY DRUG YOU CAN NAME AND EVEN THOSE YOU CAN’T, because they want to escape from this place, from their lives, the boredom, the work they don’t like doing, from debt, kids, spouses, badly written books and french fries that are served cold, or not crispy enough.  I mean, think about it.  Kids are drug addicted at an early age, with Ritalin and any number of things that make kids sit still when all they want to do is RUN AROUND.  They are used to taking drugs.  I don’t think it will be long before pot is available in high school cafeterias.  Escape…escape…lots of people watch 90 hours of TV a day (yes, I do know that there are only 24 hours in a day but watching TV that long makes a day FEEL like it’s 90 hours long).  Colorado will eventually sink to China, with all the potheads lining up to get their fix, every morning.  Don’t drink and drive, but bars have parking lots.  Coke, which killed my nephew, heroin, which killed another one and a friend of mine, you name it and it’s available.  Available to those wanting to escape, GET HIGH.  Getting HIGH is simply a metaphor for rising above the misery, that passes for a lot of lives.  To rise above, to get away from what’s below, to reach for the stars, something that surpasses what a person has.  Drunks wake up from being passed out and think, “Ah, one more day I don’t have to think about.”  Sure, not all of them say that but there has to be a reason people drink until they can’t think, or until they kill themselves.  Personally, I’ve never met a drunk who was happy with his life.  Pain pills aren’t only for physical pain, there are a million drugs for mental anguish.  People who seem perfectly normal, show up for work, do what they have to do, smile, and all the rest, might be drug addicted.

A friend of mine who was on Speed, didn’t sleep for three days.  She asked me how she looked, smiling and twitching.  She looked like a nightmare on Any Street.  Black circles under her eyes, jerky movements, skin the color of, well, all I can think of is ashy.  She eventually died from heroin.  I liked her.  She was a nice person, when I first met her.  I don’t know what she ware running away from, exactly, but I hope she’s happy wherever she is.

If you’ve noticed, kids who aren’t being abused, are pretty happy.  Then they are put into schools, run by the state, or church, and the serious brainwashing and insanity begins.  FOLLOW THE RULES, SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN…and so on and so forth…just like the work they will do for most of their lives, unless they are radical kids, who want to hit the road, or become artist. The kids who will be labeled troublemakers, losers, behavior disordered, and kids who may be disowned by their families for being,  “out of touch with reality.” You know the ones I mean, the kids who “don’t fit in,” won’t give up their inner passion for a desk job and a couple of kids.  That’s when things start to fall apart…when kids are expected to kill their inner selves to be like everyone else.  We force them to do that, so how can anyone be surprised when adults are addicted to anything that will make them forget what they gave up?

We continue to  screw up, kill creativity, for obeying the rules.  We’re wrong, you know.  This isn’t how things have to be.  It’s the way the people who control the herd want things to be.  They have convinced us to destroy our own kids, just so they will not go against the status quo.  Drugs stop people from fighting back.  Stop them from looking at what’s happening around them.  Drugs are becoming more available all the time, because the government doesn’t want the herd to wake up and make a fuss.  That’s the truth, you know.

It was done to you…if you were a trouble maker.  If you refused to stop drawing on your english book, you were just trying to save yourself.  Be happy about that.

TED Talk about Addiction…

All three of my young nephews died from drugs and no one, no treatment, could save them from themselves. My uncle lost everything and couldn’t stop drinking.   My friend died from heroin.  Another one from smoking…lots of people from smoking.  In fact, my friend was smoking with the patch on her arm (the patch was to shut up her loving family).  She watched her father die the same way but she just wouldn’t stop.  I don’t know a single addict who was actually helped by their family, or by rehab.  The only ex-addicts I know are dead.

An alcoholic I know, one who went to AA for years, drinks bottles of wine everyday but thinks he’s cured because he stopped drinking martinis.  He starts drinking when he wakes up.  When he was younger he would just pass out while driving, or in the middle of a room. So, this is a nice talk and I hope it helps those who truly want to be helped but it’s hard for me to understand because personally, I’ve never seen anyone get better unless s/he decided to just do it.  A chain smoker I know stopped smoking because her son said she couldn’t be around his new baby as long as she smoked.  She stopped.  My dad, also a chain smoker, stopped flat out when his friend stroked out because of smoking.  My dad’s lungs were black when he died even though he hadn’t smoked in years and years.  I remember his doctor asking if he had ever worked in a coal mine.  The friend who died from her addiction to heroin found her mom dead in bed after coming home from the hospital to recover from having part of her lung removed because of smoking.  Her mom was smoking before she had even been released from the hospital.  Difficult thing, that’s for sure.

I don’t know how much others can actually help addicts.  I think it’s up to the addict.  Like everything else, what we do is up to us as individuals.  We can’t save other people.  We can be there for them but ultimately, it’s up to each person to save themselves.  Here’s the thing…how much of a person’s life should they give up to help those who don’t actually want help?  You might think the answer is, “You never give up,” but I disagree because families can be destroyed by focusing on an addict above everything else and that doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve seen lives ruined because of things like that.  It hurts the other kids/people, breaks and exhausts everyone.  Often causes divorce and even more addictions.  It’s something people need to take into consideration because the lives of others are involved in the decision one makes to spend years trying to save someone who won’t be saved.

I told my friend (heroin addict, speed, you name it, she took it), that it was obvious that she loved “doing drugs” and that she was never going to stop so she may as well just do her thing and enjoy herself.   She said that she did love them and her face lit up with joy.  She was accepted into the college she always wanted to attend, but she didn’t go to class, got worse and worse, started stealing cars, breaking into places, but she was happy.  Most of her friends were addicts. A couple were clean, they had been able to give it up, in fact, they tried to help her, but she loved the life too much to ever stop.  She died in her 30s, homeless, broke, hiding from the police, with sores on her legs. When her friend called and told me she was in the hospital, I told her they wouldn’t take care of her. She didn’t believe me.  She called me back and said, they wouldn’t take care of her. They won’t waste their resources on an addict like her.  I tried to tell her that.  It’s happened before.  So, she died.  She was funny, smart, generous, and kind.  But she was crazy about drugs.  Used them, sold them…all of it.  She lived her life exactly the way she wanted to live it.  She was happy, even when she called me and had that intense hyper real voice she had when she on speed and hadn’t slept for four days…but she was happy.  I knew, as soon as I heard her voice, that she had black circles under her eyes, was twitching and looked like death, but she was flying and that’s what she loved.  So, her choices were her own and she was satisfied. No one could make her see things differently.  Knowing her was like watching a slow, by happy suicide.  But she was really funny and I miss that.

Chasing heroin…A FRONTLINE program that was on PBS

Chasing Heroin

This is an important show.  Now that HEROIN ADDICTION has moved into the WHITE , middle and upper classes it’s being seen as a PROBLEM.  You might want to see what’s being done about it.  There are new programs to help addicts and to cut down on crime.  Addiction is being seen as a HEALTH ISSUE, instead of a criminal one.  There’s a lot of important info in this show.  The thing a lot of people/parents don’t realize is that they can’t tell when their children are using.  Kids are dying everyday from heroin.  Every single day.

I had a good friend who was a drug addict.  She LOVED being high, LOVED doing drugs.  She got involved with heroin.  She’s dead now.  She lost everything, including her life.  Truthfully, if she were half alive and able to drag herself to a dealer she would be doing it…looking for SPEED and heroin.  She always said she never wanted to stop doing drugs because she loved them.  Her death wasn’t pretty.  Her friend called me and said she was in the hospital and that she had ulcers and sores all over her legs, she was sick and a mess.  I told her they wouldn’t really help her because they wouldn’t want to waste the time, treatment and money on an addict.  She didn’t believe me.  After our friend died, she called me and said I was right.  They didn’t care.  No one could have helped her.  No one.  She lived in a different state where it was easier to get drugs.

They found my middle nephew dead in his bed from a heroin and cocaine mix.  My youngest nephew died from sorting cocaine…his heart stopped.

This FRONTLINE  program tells about the new programs and what they are doing to put into place.  It tells how addicts are being treated by the police and the criminal justice system.  The addicts are on the program and you can see the problem on the screen.

People don’t want to admit that their kids are on heroin, they don’t want to admit there is a problem.  That’s part OF the problem.

This is a good show.  Watch it if you have time.

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