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Everyone needs a nap now and then…

a close up of a monkey laying on a rock

Photo:  Maryia Shedava

Sometimes you just need a little nap…even if you’re not alone.

a person laying on the steps with a dog on a leash

Photo:  Gabi Repaska


Free No Sleep Club Stock Photo

I am going to run for president of this club
having a broken arm
robs you of sleep
two hours a night
is a lot
catch the zzzz’s
when I can
there’s no sleep
at all
four weeks
no sleep

Photo:  Lorenz Josef Torres

Sleep…a poem

and dream
of beautiful things
for soon
the real world
will push it’s way into
your life
and the clouds
will no longer speak to you
and the unicorns
and angels
will be replaced
with video games
and war
as you struggle
to remember
all that was beautiful
before you
came here


Photo:  AdeleMorrisPhotography

Important TED Talk…Excellent speaker

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