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A gentle reminder…

The stars don’t go away during the daytime.  They’re still there, we just can’t see them.  Sometimes people forget that.  ❤   It’s good to remember that what we believe to be true …sometimes isn’t.


Chicago Botanic Garden

~beauty begets beauty~

tender buds waiting to bloom
amidst lush, vibrant green
the promise of beauty

Thank you for the beautiful poem Melanie.

Gorgeous watercolor animals/birds from Bored Panda

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not pearfect…

Rubber stamps

WOW! Want to see Pluto…look at this…from Astronomy Picture of the Day


Las Vegas, Nevada

I have shown this picture before but it’s one of my favorites.  I love this beautiful Koi.  She reminds me of a silver angel.

Fast 5 ~ Books

Please let us know what books you have read, or know about, that fosters peace. We are trying to spread the word and would like your input. Thank you.


In addition to the Monthly scheduled topics we will periodically post questions to get us all thinking 🙂

Just leave your answers in the comments below or email them in to

I will compile the results and post 🙂


So for your first FAST FIVE:

Tell us 5 books that promote peace!  (No religious texts please)

*A huge Thank You to Michelle Marie for designing the Artists 4 Peace Fast 5 logo.  You can see much more of her fabulous work on her blog Tell Me About It

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Why do we have to write “reblog,” on things we reblog, even it we posted them over a year ago?

Is it okay to just type “reblog” on something, since I can never find anything among my posts, but know where the actual picture is?  I’m okay with that.

What happens if we don’t write “reblog,” on something?

Is something reblogged if you make changes in the size, etc. of the item?

Any info would be appreciated.  Thank you:)



Follow your bliss…

Artist Trading Card/ATC



Just letting you know that Melanie has been putting new things on the A4P blog, so you might want to check it out.  ❤


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