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Pro choice demonstration…

Photo:  Gayatri Malhotra

A republican…thinking of how else he can destroy freedom.

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Fight back…

Raised fist

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Sign of the times…

Free A Woman Holding a Sign Board Stock Photo

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Okay, so…republican males

painting of man

Republican men are terrified that women have become so independent that they won’t be forced, by poverty, to NEED THEM any longer.  That’s the way they have gotten their women in the past.  Desperation.

Women have been kept poor and helpless, which forced them to be with men who could provide for them, and their children, and keep them safe.  All of this was done on purpose, of course.  The republican men want to go back to the good old days where women died, if they didn’t behave.

Since things have changed, more and more women are able to take care of themselves.  When that happens, women no longer have to fight each other, in order to get a male, so they can survive.  They don’t have to attach themselves to horrible men, in order to have enough to eat.

These are tiny brained men, once again demanding that women be needy and dependent, by FORCING them to become pregnant and keeping them from having fulfilling and productive lives, that keeps them independent.  Republican men really hate women because they truly fear them.  They also fear whatever they think women are, or might be taking from them.

We can’t let these tiny brained, throwbacks to the dinosaur era, destroy our lives and the lives of future females.  We have to get rid of their party and their power.  VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and if that’s not enough…we will have to do something else.  But the future of all women, depends on what we do right now.


Picture:  Aarón blanco Tejedo

Okay, so…

Turn On, Switch Off, Question Mark

Hateful men have decided that women should be FORCED BY LAW to carry an unwanted fetus to term, or be prosecuted.  Their hatred toward us, cannot be denied.

But here’s the thing.  Not only do hateful republican men want women to have unwanted children…they want to MAKE SURE that women are pregnant by LEGALLY TAKING AWAY BIRTH CONTROL.

There is no way they can defend their position as anything but woman hating.  Why would these ugly men want to stop women from NOT GETTING pregnant?  How insane are they and why can’t we get rid of them, since they are obviously working against the good of the people and reinstating slavery as a way of life.

The hatred that is being directed at women will destroy the society they have so carefully put into place.  They don’t seem to realize that men are involved in this issue as well.  But then the republican’s are hypocrites and get abortions for THEIR women when they choose to.

By taking away birth control, the republican males are basically saying that women will be FORCED to risk GETTING pregnant if they want to have sex.  It’s just one more punishment heaped upon females who dare to want freedom and own their own bodies.

This is so twisted and so hateful that I think it’s proof that the men and women who voted for these things should be removed from office for crimes against the people.

What possible reason could they have for wanting to take away birth control other than to control women’s lives?   There is no other reason.  None at all.

These are destructive men and women using a passive form of violence against women.

We are not supposed to have slavery in this country.  So while they pretend that’s not what it is…that’s EXACTLY what it is.

I think they want chaos, a civil war and a new kind of power.

I think all of us should fight this regime of hate, control and terrorism before it gets worse…and it will get worse.


My body…

Free Back View of a Woman Holding a Placard About My Body My Rules Stock Photo

Photo:  Olia Danllevich

Okay, so…

Last night there was a woman on the news.  I don’t watch the news, but it came on when I was out of the room and when I walked in she was saying that she miscarried and her doctor couldn’t LEGALLY perform a D & C, to help her.  She had an ultrasound, then was told she had to get another one from someone who did not take care of her.  She was terrified about what could happen to her while she tried to find someone to take the picture.  She said she thought she could die and leave her 2 year old daughter, because she couldn’t get proper care.

She called a number of places but they were all booked up.  Finally, she got into a clinic, but their first appointment was in 3 days.  She went there and was “ESCORTED” to the door, while the anti’s screamed at her, calling her a murderer, a baby killer, and other various things.  The woman was suffering and filled with anxiety about not getting proper care and losing a child she and her husband wanted.

After having another test, then waiting for the results, to prove she didn’t self abort, she was finally able to get treatment.

She said she is terrified to try to have another child and go through this again. She is afraid she could die, and they are thinking of moving out of Texas because of their horrible experience.

THIS is what republican men are doing to women’s lives.  To the lives of families.

Sign of the times…

woman holding white paper with smash the pairtarchy

Photo:  Chloe S.

This is what you get when you vote for republicans…

woman with hands tied

Photo:  engin akyrt

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