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We can and we must…take back our bodies and rights. Sign of the Times

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How long will it be, before doctors quit seeing pregnant women, after being threatened with murder charges and jail terms?    Do No Harm, has become meaningless, now that the government is running women’s health care, where there is no longer patient/doctor confidentiality.  The government knows nothing about medicine, OR WOMEN, and yet…they get to say what happens to us.


How long before americans will be going to Mexico as immigrants, seeking safety and asylum?


How long before there’s a civil war in this country?



Just wondering.

Okay, so…

We were talking and decided that when women start getting arrested and put in jail for having abortions, leaving their actually LIVING children behind, the republican witch hunters will quickly run out of space.

My daughter said, “Mom, they’ll put us in internment camps, with barbed wire and tents, like they do everyone else.”

She’s right.  They will.  That’s the future for women in america.

Sign of the times…

Photo:  Gayatri Malhotra

Some more pages from my version of HANDMAID’S TALE (1986…that’s when I made this) 7 pictures

Sign of the times…

Photo:  Gayatri Malhotra

It gets worse…

Apparently our government, at least the part that is republican, can do ANYTHING it likes.  They can take away a woman’s right to own her own body and now…women will NOT BE ABLE TO GO TO ANOTHER STATE WHERE ABORTION IS LEGAL, without being prosecuted and made a felon.  AND, there’s more, ANY COMPANY WHO PAYES HER TRAVELING FEES WILL BE FIND $100,00.00.

So apparently, even if it’s LEGAL to have an abortion in our state, it’ is ILLEGAL to help someone get here and it is ILLEGAL for a woman to even travel to a state where it IS legal, if she’s getting an abortion.

This is beyond outrageous…and they SAID, OUT LOUD, that if they take the senate, in November, they will make abortion illegal in the entire country and take away birth control.

HANDMAID’S TALE IS A REAL THING AND IT’S HERE, RIGHT NOW.  These people must be stopped.

I am so happy I just renewed my passport and I will no longer capitalize america, except by accident, because it’s a habit.  I am not happy to be american.  I’m disgusted and outraged.


The republicans have to be stopped..



Love Bell Hooks, read everything she wrote, years ago.

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