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Pinterest rawideas.tumblr.com cats are like stars in the sky there can never be too many they brighten the world with their beauty and they are there for all to see better yet you can touch them

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Any place with cats is a good place…

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Okay, so…cats and people…Ginger Snap

I’ve fed lots of strays and feral cats.  None of them have been like Ginger Snap.  He was terrified, at first, a lot of cats are.  He started coming around last year but it was just now and then.  This … Continue reading

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Okay, so…cats

You all know Emily and Ginger Snap… I fed them before I left for the airport.  My grandson was going to feed them while I was gone.  Apparently the cats were terrified.  Ginger took off and I don’t know what … Continue reading

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Timmy the cat…prejudice

Timmy, a lovely Tuxedo cat, was shocked and alarmed to find that many humans were prejudice against…well…pretty much everything and everyone.  When interviewed Timmy said, ” …humans, although sometimes kind to cats, are considered to be a disease, by every … Continue reading

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Emmie and Ginger Snap…3 photographs

Emmie swatting Ginger didn’t put him off that much.  He’s still getting closer to her.  I ordered new outdoor houses for them last night (from Amazon).  They are called KITTY TUBE Generation 2, and are super insulated.  Well over a … Continue reading

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Truth about ginger cats…

This is Ginger Snap.  The ration between male and female gingers is 80 to 20.  Twenty percent are female. Calico’s:  1 in 10,000 is male.  One in 3,000 males is fertile. Here’s Emmie.  No reason for this photo.  I took … Continue reading

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