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War…a poem

rusted armor
form a war long past
bleeds into another
and weapons
becoming more lethal
killing faster
killing more
war is death
no matter what we tell ourselves
war is the death of peace
of love
of life itself
it’s about money
and who makes it
from the lifeless bodies
that litter the earth
and are remembered by


Photo:  Tim Sohmidbauer

November 11th…to all those who made it home, and to all those who didn’t…thank you…and I’m sorry.

white book page with us a flag

Photo:  Chad Madden

For anyone who doesn’t think this is an all out war against women…WAKE UP

supreme court ruling sparks alarm over missouri law banning pregnant women from getting divorced



They will stop us from voting, working, driving and who knows what else they will do.  But I bet pregnant women will be kept out of the work force.  They really are OUT TO GET US.  And  Canada and Europe are looking like landing places, if they’ll have us.  We need to leave before the won’t allow women to leave the country or their state, or their house.

We won’t be able to buy a house or have a bank account soon.  This is the beginning and this horrific loss of rights and slavery needs to stop NOW!


Get your tubes tied now, before they outlaw that as well.  Because THEY WILL.  It’s a form of contraceptive.


Photo:  Lance Reis

Sign of the Times…

Photo:  Hanna Balan

Signs of the time…

Photo:  Andrea DeSantis

Sign of the Times…

Photo:  Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Quote: Arundhati Roy

AZ QuOtes

Signs of the Times…

Photo:  Markus Spiske


Sign of the Times…

Photo:  Egor Lyfar

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