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when you’re little
it’s usually a good idea
to follow your mom
even if she’s lost
because she’ll
keep you safe
no matter
where you are
unless a heartless
and evil human
in hiding
gets her
with a high power
because no one
can keep you safe
from humans

Mother…a story poem

Fantasy, Robot, Girl, Emotionher mother
was a little different
than most
but she didn’t mind
her mom never went to meetings
never took her shopping
but she was a good listener
and always knew
the right thing to say
granted she never got hugs
but at least her mother
was always there
not many kids could say that
best of all
her mother was in
she knew the past
was far different
than her reality
there were no
and children
were not born
in jars
but that seemed strange
to her
she guessed that
things were always
that way
the past and future
rarely understand each other
her father
made her mother
in his lab
he didn’t want her to be alone
all the time
he’s half human
half bot
that’s what most are
she’s human
with upgrades
which isn’t unusual
but they are phasing out
that kind of being
and pushing for half and half’s
she’s slated to be a scientist
like her father
and her mother is next in line
to get a body
which will change a lot of things
she’s hoping
that when her mother
has a body
she’ll want to

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