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The future…a short story

Owl, Steampunk, Art, Ai Art, Bird

after we killed everything
were made into bots
we dIdn’t want to live without them
so we made them
in our own image
at least to a point
they can live forever now
with the right maintenance
and care
and no one alive
remembers what living birds sounded like
even with their recorded songs
on old discs
in the bird museum
but we are the present
we are the NOW
and no one truly remembers
the past
no one ever does
if they think they do
they’re wrong
no one can feel
or hear
the past
one can only feel
and hear the
the past is gone forever
never to be known
and brains
don’t work that way
they just alter
or create stories
not truth
so we listen
to the mechanical birdsong
and believe that’s all there ever was
we erase the past
when it’s convenient
like trying to imagine
that humans once existed
that weren’t part machines
everything is replaced
by the NOW
and there will come a time
when no one will remember
that genetically pure
non mechanical humans
ever existed at all
there is no past
you cant go back
there is no future
you can’t go forward
there is only the eternal

Photo:  Pixabay

The Poet…a short story.

Free Stylish Asian woman smoking cigarette on city street Stock Photo

she was a nomad
hanging out when
and wherever she could
gathering words
dropped by different people
she kept the words
rearranged them
and turned them into art
she was
The Poet
it’s the only name
she went by
it’s all she really was


Photo:  Marla Orlova

The Empty Room…words

Free Brown Wooden Wall With White Wooden Framed Glass Window Stock Photo

a room is never truly empty
it’s always filled with the memories
and sounds
of those who were once there
the only real question
is whether the room is lonely
or excited to see who
visits next


Photo:  Pixabay

Strange Brew…a short story

Free Person Holding White and Red Floral Ceramic Teacup Stock Photo

her shop was called
Strange Brew
and her tea was
without a doubt
the very best
she was famous
for her unorthodox concoctions
blending this and that
to perfection
and she always served her brew
in a fine china cup
if you were invited
or lucky enough
to get an appointment
it was something
you would remember
for the rest of your life
no matter how long
or short
of course
 no one ever mentioned
the occasional
side effect
after all
it didn’t happen that often
perhaps a bit more
than most people thought
you see
now and then a cheating husband
or a man of slaps and punches
was sent her way
and on those days
she always made a special blend
just for them
no one thought it strange
when those men
in fact
no one ever seemed to notice
anyone was missing
it did seemed that quite a few men
changed their ways
or moved away
but surely
it wasn’t her fault
she just served tea
after all




Photo:  Cottonbro

Trouble…a short story

Free Portrait Photo of Woman With Her Tongue Out Stock Photo

her name was
and trouble
followed her
wherever she went
her mother
knew it
the second her daughter
was put into her arms
but she just sighed
and said
like mother like daughter
I’ll do what I can
but everyone knows

we don’t learn 
from the mistakes of others
and she was right
of course
as mothers are prone to be
so Trouble grew up
wild and free
and now
makes her way through life
breaking hearts
and bones
when needed
checking in with her mother
now and then
but always seeking
something new
anything she hasn’t tried before
and she does’t care
about consequences
she just wants to live
as fast
and as hard
as she can



Photo:  Andrea Piacquadio

Allen…a short story…

Free Side View of Punk Man with Mohawk on Black Background Stock Photo

was dissatisfied
with his flesh
he felt that the human body
could be improved upon
it was plain
he said
so he set out to
redesign himself
through piercings
and various other things
is a work in progress
at least that’s what he tells
he doesn’t know
what the finished canvas
will be like
or how he’ll feel
about what he did
when he’s eighty years old
if he lives that long
but right now
he’s quiet happy
with the new him
and has no intention
of stopping his
creative endeavor



Photo:  Miguel Rodriguez León

Romeo and Juliet…a short story

Free Couple Hugging Near the Wall with Neon Signage
 Stock Photo

and Juliet
didn’t die
the way the story
said they did
it’s true
their families didn’t get along
but as parents
they did love their children
and even though
they weren’t happy
about their love affair
they didn’t exactly forbid
their relationship
after all
the feud between
their families
came from long ago generations
and no one could
actually remember
why they were supposed to
hate each other
Romeo and Juliet
were passionately in love
and had no desire to untangle
they simply ran away
and were never heard from again
the families looked for them
but it was too late

their children
were gone


“Photo: Cottonbro

New World Humans…a short story

Steampunk, Man, Male, Person, Fantasy

Thomas was a
New World Human
to make him faster
and stronger
the days
of genetically Natural Humans
were over
except for a few tiny colonies
trying to survive in the wastelands
of several countries
Natural Humans were
prone to disease
and early deaths
they were fading out so quickly
governments left them alone
since they were believed to pose no threat
to the new and improved humans
who had taken their place
the end of The Naturals
was called progress…



Photo:  Pixabay

Sleeping Beauty…a fairy tale

grayscale photography of naked stem

the thorns around the castle
were sharp and deadly
the prince looked for a weak spot
but found no way through them
it wasn’t supposed to be that way
the tale said he got inside
kissed the comatose woman
and woke her up
ready to love him
even though she had never seen him
before that moment
and while he was thinking those things
the woman in the castle
pushed the heavy drapes aside
and watched him through her open window
she had planted the thorns herself
believing she was not a powerless being
who need waking by a silly prince
she watched him bleed
as the thorns tore at his flesh
until he finally got on his horse
and rode away
she made another line on the wall
to join the 27 already there
then she picked up her book
poured herself a cup of tea
and went to her cozy chair
she curled up
just as her cat jumped onto her lap
life is good
she said to her beloved feline
very good
remind me my love
to have the gardener
plant more thorns tomorrow
the cat purred and nodded
before she fell asleep


Photo:  Andrey Grinkevich

A short story about weirdness…

Free Neon Light Signage on Wall Stock Photo

“You again?” muttered the guy behind the counter.  “You’ve been here before.”

“Yes,” she said.  “You have a good memory.”

“You are uncooperative and weird, that’s why I remember you.”

“I can be both of those things,” she said, truthfully.  “I think everyone can be.”

“What is it this time?” he sighed, staring at her.

“I have drugs and a nuclear weapon.”

“Then you can’t come inside.”

“I already am inside,” she said, looking around.  “You’re inside too.  Surely you know that.”

“This is not inside.  This is the screening area, the place you’re checked before you get to go inside.  This is where we stop people from entering the bar, if they have drugs or nuclear weapons.”

“That’s discrimination against drugs and nuclear weapons.”

“The drugs and weapons didn’t come here by themselves.  YOU brought them, so you cannot go inside, and that’s final.”

“Can the drugs and weapons go in by themselves?”


“If I can’t go inside, can they?”

“No.  Of course not,” he said, frowning at her.

“I just want to go inside and dance a little.”

“You could have gone inside if you hadn’t brought drugs and a nuclear weapon with you.  So, go away and try again some other time, when you don’t have those things on your person.”

“Do you want to see them?” she asked.  “The weapon’s not that big.”

“I do not want to see them.  Not for any reason.  Now, please leave this place and don’t come back until you are willing to meet the entrance standards.  And you don’t have a nuclear weapon with you, because they weigh a ton and they are huge.”

“It’s a baby weapon and it’s experimental.”

“Where did you get it?” he asked.


“That’s what I thought,” he said, running his hand through his hair.  “Amazon doesn’t sell nuclear weapons.”

“Do too,” she said.

“Do not.  Let me see it.”

“You sure?”

“I’m positive.”

“Okay, but remember, you asked,” she said, pulling a small nuclear device out of her backpack.

“That looks like a nuclear device,” he said.  “However, it’s made out of Lego’s.”

“Oh, sorry,” she said, shoving her hand back into her back pack.  “Wrong one.  That was the prototype.”

“What kind of drugs do you have?”

She put a bottle of aspirin on the counter.

“These are aspirins,” he said, looking at the half filled bottle.

“I know.  But they are also drugs, purchased at a drugstore.”

She plopped the small nuclear bomb on the counter next to the aspirin.  “There.  That’s the nuclear device.”

He stared at it.  “It looks real.”

“It is real.  I know, because I made it myself.”

“I thought you said you got it on Amazon.”

“I got some of the parts on Amazon.  You’d be surprised what you can make out of the insides of radios and appliances.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s pretty cool, don’t you agree?”

“No.  Not really.  It’s terrifying,” he said.


“It’s a bomb.”

“Just a little one and it can’t go off.  I just wanted to make it, that’s all.  It’s not finished or anything.”

“Is that the truth?”

“Yes,” she said, holding up her hand.  “The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me NASA.  The bomb has a gooey chocolate center, so you don’t have to worry.  And, to be perfectly honest,  after meeting you last time I was here, I wanted to see you again.  I thought this was a way to get your attention.”

“You could have just said that in the first place.”


“Yes.  Really.”

“Can I have the aspirins back, please?”

“Sure,” he said, accidentally on purpose touching her hand, as she reached for them.

“You want to go out sometime?” she asked, softly.

“I do.”

“No kidding.”

“No kidding,” he said.  “You’re pretty creative, that’s why I remembered you from last time.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.  I get off in an hour.  We can go grab something to eat, if you’re hungry.”

“I’ll meet you out in front,” she said, moving toward the door.  I’ll be in the white Corvette.

“You have a Corvette?”

“A couple of them.  It’s no big deal.  We can talk about it when you’re finished working,” she said smiling.

He smiled back, and watched her leave the room.



Photo:  Christopher Farrugia








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