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The cat…part 2

“Oh, it’s you again.” “Yes, it’s me,” said Sally. “Did you bring the goods?” “You mean the toys?” “Yeah, the toys.  Did you get the right colors?” “I thought cats couldn’t see colors.” “Who told you that?” “Scientists.” “You men … Continue reading

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Meet me in St. Louis – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

“Meet me in St. Louis, later this week,” he said, when she answered the phone. “Why?” she asked. “There’s a fair.” “Mmmmm, don’t care. Not going.” “You like fairs.” “I’m already in my pajamas.” “Aren’t you getting out of them … Continue reading

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Easter Parade – Georgiann Carlson — Brave & Reckless

“Are you dressing up like a rabbit for the Easter Parade?” she asked. “Yes,” he said. “You ask me that question every year.” “I keep hoping for a different answer.” “Do you have something against rabbits?” “I love real rabbits, … Continue reading

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The Interview…

“Are you ready to begin?” she asked. “Sure,” he said.  “Ask me anything.” “You’re known by many names…” “The only one I hate is, Grim Reaper. I’m never grim.  I’m basically happy and a lot of fun.” “Fun and not … Continue reading

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Red…a very short story.

“I think your grandmother’s in danger,” said the wolf.  “Some guy with an axe has been stomping through the woods.  He smells like death.  We need to hurry.” “Let’s go,” said Red. The pair ran through the woods, until the … Continue reading

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Deb’s story about a found magical object…(her pictures wouldn’t transfer)

She fell laughing onto the bed, shopping bags stuffed with beautiful tissue and packages falling out of her hands and landing all around her. “Oh my god,” she said out loud This never gets old, even after all these years. … Continue reading

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Scrooge…three weeks too late.

“Am I late?” asked the actor. “Yes.” answered the stagehand. “Dam,” he said, falling into a chair.  “I was playing cards at the Fairmont and lost track of time.” “Your understudy did okay.” “But Scrooge was my role! A great … Continue reading

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