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Fight back…

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This is the truth…

Executive order…

President Biden issued an executive order to protect access to medication abortion, access to contraception and patient privacy across the U.S.

From:  Planned Parenthood Action



From:  ABA

Executive orders are not legislation; they require no approval from Congress, and Congress cannot simply overturn them. Congress may pass legislation that might make it difficult, or even impossible, to carry out the order, such as removing funding. Only a sitting U.S. President may overturn an existing executive order by issuing another executive order to that effect.

From: emilys list…These are pro-choice, pro-women who have been fighting for our rights. VOTE FOR THEM.

vote for:

State Sen. JEN JORDAN (GA) for Attorney General

Gubernatorial candiate STACEY ABRAMS (GA)

ANDREA CAMPBELL (MA) for Attorney General

MAURA HEALEY (MA) for Governor

DANA NESSEL (MI) Attorney General


LETITIA JAMES (NY) reelect Attorney General

GOV. KATHY HOCHUL (NY)  reelect Governor


Okay, so…

People are always asking, “What can we do?”  I’ve put a lot of things on my blog, showing what can be done.  Number one is finding out who your representatives are and then calling them to let them know how you want them to vote.  Stay in touch.  In one of the posts I’ve told you what to say, since you may, or may not, be talking to a machine.  Keep it short, to the point and simple.

March, demonstrate, let your voice be heard…because this is only the beginning of what will be done to women if we lose this battle.

We need every woman who believes it’s wrong to force a 10 year old to carry and deliver the child of a rapist, every woman who does not want their daughters, granddaughters and future female children to live as slaves, their bodies owned by their government, who will not allowed them to have proper health care.  Women who will be forced into poverty and even death.

We need everyone to stand up against these unjust and hateful laws.

Please do not sit quietly, hoping others will fight for you.  We need everyone.  EVERYONE to let their voice be heard.


100% PRO-CHOICE…we need to keep him in office

Daniel Didech

Illinois State Representative


Daniel Didech is a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives for the 59th district. The district, located in the Chicago metropolitan area, includes all or part of Vernon Hills, Prairie View, Buffalo Grove, Indian Creek, Lincolnshire, Mundelein, Riverwoods, and Wheeling. Wikipedia

OfficeIllinois State Representative since 2019

We need to keep her in office. Buffalo Grove (IL) State Senator Adriane Johnson.

“Although Illinois has taken proactive steps to protect women’s reproductive rights, millions of women could be in danger should Roe v. Wade be overturned, and this regressive move would set our country back by more than five decades,” said State Senator Adriane Johnson (D-Buffalo Grove). “Reproductive care is essential for women’s health, especially in underserved areas. I will continue to fight against this injustice and support women through these intense times.”

THIS is SOOOOOOO IMPORTANT…Government accountability

4 ways you can hold officials accountable

We can and we must…take back our bodies and rights. Sign of the Times

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It gets worse…

Apparently our government, at least the part that is republican, can do ANYTHING it likes.  They can take away a woman’s right to own her own body and now…women will NOT BE ABLE TO GO TO ANOTHER STATE WHERE ABORTION IS LEGAL, without being prosecuted and made a felon.  AND, there’s more, ANY COMPANY WHO PAYES HER TRAVELING FEES WILL BE FIND $100,00.00.

So apparently, even if it’s LEGAL to have an abortion in our state, it’ is ILLEGAL to help someone get here and it is ILLEGAL for a woman to even travel to a state where it IS legal, if she’s getting an abortion.

This is beyond outrageous…and they SAID, OUT LOUD, that if they take the senate, in November, they will make abortion illegal in the entire country and take away birth control.

HANDMAID’S TALE IS A REAL THING AND IT’S HERE, RIGHT NOW.  These people must be stopped.

I am so happy I just renewed my passport and I will no longer capitalize america, except by accident, because it’s a habit.  I am not happy to be american.  I’m disgusted and outraged.

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