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The picture of oppression…in the guise of a female…(from: Candy)

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Okay, so…FREE WILL

Religious, right-wing, people can’t possibly believe in free-will.  Unless, of course, it’s their own.  It’s obvious that other people aren’t allowed any will at all. Our country was founded on NO WILL ALLOWED to others. It’s still the same.  The … Continue reading

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Women are considered MORE dangerous than guns…

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From: Candy…


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Okay, so…

As you may have noticed, my blog has lately been about the evils that the right-wing, greedy, terrified little boy/men, are heaping on females of all ages. So, here’s the thing.  I wrote about passion before.  Well, when you are … Continue reading

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What we care about is DEATH and control over others and hatred…

Everything humans do shows how much they love death. Religion IS death.  That’s the what it’s all about…death.  Who died, who will die, what will happen when you die, give you kids and money to rapist priests so when you … Continue reading

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