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okay, so…

Last night Debbie texted, “watch Rebel on hulu.  It’s you.”  I thought it would be a comedy but nope, it was about a loud, aggressive, in your face activist, whose kids never wanted to be activists, but were forced into it by their mom.  Sigh.

Okay, so I dragged my daughter on buses and planes, took her everywhere, to march, demonstrate, defend clinics, animals, and all the rest.

We didn’t do the mother daughter thing, the way a lot of other mother’s and daughter’s did.  My daughter was handing out leaflets, picketing Northwestern’s Animal Labs, furriers, marching in Washington, Springfield, going to International Feminist Conventions, and meetings, working for the ERA, doing voter registration and pretty much everything else, including letter writing, phone calls, coming to most of my lectures, and boycotting.  That was her childhood.

I adore her. She’s an amazing, professional, intelligent, strong, funny, LOYAL, woman, who is much nicer than I am, or ever could be.  I’m aggressive.  She doesn’t go for someone’s throat, until she’s tried other ways.  I give whatever it is about three minutes, and then I’m finished being nice.  So, when she said the character Rebel,on the program, and I were alike, she wasn’t kidding.  She said she kept saying, “There’s my mom,” while she was watching the program.  I have to ask her if that was a good, or bad thing.  Mmmm, probably bad, right? 

My daughter’s like a warm summer breeze and I’m more like a nasty tornado, but we work amazingly well together.  We have each other’s back…always.  I think she’s so perfect because she’s like her father.  He was perfect too.  Our son, well, he was more like me.  Enough said.

Anyway, her nickname for me is, The Shredder.  I tell her I’m not that bad.  She tells me that I am.  We can both be right…or wrong.

We are who we are.

Okay, so…monsters

Monster, Devil, Fear, Mask, Horror

The monsters in books and on their covers, in stories, and films are always ugly.  Even if they have a glamour over themselves, underneath they are ugly, twisted, and gross.  I think that’s a simple fear reaction, or prejudice, because the real monsters look like republicans.  They walk and talk and have names like Mitch, Rudy, Orange one, Josh and, well, you know their names.  We all know their names.

The real monsters live next door, work in grocery stores and hunt day and night.  They vote against raises in minimum wage and hate with a vengeance.  They are evil and ugly and usually white.  Greedy, selfish and power hungry, they are equally as bad as anything that could come out of a science fiction hell-mouth.  Maybe worse.  They kill through war, starvation, deprivation, hatred and any other way you can imagine.

If TWILIGHT ZONE was still on the air they could have a segment where an “R” would be branded onto the foreheads of republicans, to warn others.  We could have “D’s” too, it that would make you feel better, but the monsters should be clearly pointed out to us.

Republicans should not be allowed to hold office, since their main goal is for personal power/gain without regard to the Constitution, law, or the needs of the people.

Theirs are the faces we need on the covers of books about evil and violence, hatred and greed, corruption and insanity.  But instead we have fake monsters, when the real ones are living right along side of us.

How does that make any sense?  We can see them.  We KNOW who they are.  They’re more dangerous than the guy in the first picture and they walk the earth every single day.

This is a picture of a monster inciting a riot.  Encouraging people to overthrow the very government he works for.  We KNOW WHO THE MONSTERS ARE and we do nothing to stop them.  Instead, we allow them to walk among us and destroy us as they go.

A couple of my envelopes are in the new Somerset Studio mixed-media journal (3 pictures)

Netflix…If you’re looking for a good time…a lot of laughs…binge watch this series…


with Martin Scorsese
Fran Lebowitz

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The Little Prince, Fox, Little Prince

Last night I watched a documentary on ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY, the author of, THE LITTLE PRINCE.

I always have a problem with those programs.  All the people who spoke, had a reason and meaning for everything in the book.  They knew what everything stood for and why.  They paired the action in the book to what the author had gone though in his own life.

By the time the program was over, the magic of the book was completely dead, killed by taking it apart and dissecting it to death.

In truth, no one knows why an author writes what she/he writes, or all the reasons behind the words.  I don’t understand why we have to psychoanalyze everything.  Stomp on it, try to explain it, until there’s nothing left for our imaginations to play with.  I think we can manipulate things to fit any situation.  The ideas and meanings the people on the program gave, could be bent and twisted to fit any phrase or character they liked.

I love the fox.  I love the fox the way I see him.  I don’t understand taking away the personal meanings of those in books, and making them into one boring thing that touches no one at all.

I actually love the animated new movie, with the little girl and her older pilot neighbor.  I love it.  I LOVE THE FOX.  But I love them because of who they are to me, not because of how twenty people believe the author was saying something different.

It’s not right to take that creativity and imagination away from readers and act as if the rose stands for his wife and blah,blah, blah, when no one can be positive that it’s even true.

Anyway, I should have turned it off.  I will always love the fox and would love to have a stuffed and raggedy fox of my own.  Who wouldn’t want him?  But he means something different to each of us.  So does the prince.

They showed teachers and kids reading the book and taking it apart as well.  Kids being told what something meant, or being asked what they thought it meant.  That’s fine, of course, and even fun, at times…but only if it is said that there are no right or wrong meanings to a book.  That’s what’s important.  What we get from a book is personal and sometimes even secrete.  The fox, for me, doesn’t even have to be part of THE LITTLE PRINCE, for me to love him.  He’s cute.  Sometimes even that can be enough.  Okay, I do have a wee statue of the fox on my windowsill.  I told you I love him.

The Umbrella Academy…Netflix…new season

of all your adopted siblings
you Klaus
without a doubt
are my favorite
you inhabit your character
and often
unable to cope
you are always
open to whatever happens next
you can face it
or drink yourself into
your ride along ghost
is great fun
although there is that
new twist
and while completely
most of the time
your series
attacks important issues
of the day
issues that never seem to
and Number Five
brave and clever genius
that you are
you run in circles
trying to save
your brothers and sisters
and the world
you are all
just one big
normal family
each with special
needs and gifts
but through all the
you love each other
and always stand together
and fearless

The Media can manipulate everything…From: Bored Panda

Photographer Takes Pics Of People In Public From 2 Perspectives And It Shows How Easily The Media Can Manipulate Reality

Okay, I admit it. I like The Green Arrow…but here’s the thing…

Image result for free image of the comic book hero The Green Arrow

I’m sure the comic books are fabulous but I’m talking about the Green Arrow on Netflix and since I don’t read the comic books about him, I have no way of knowing how far off from the comics, the Netflix program is.

Anyway, The Green Arrow is basically about daddy issues.  That’s the premiss of the ENTIRE series and EVERYONE’S life.  It’s insane and truly pathetic.  As if no one can ever be normal because of what their father was or was not.  It’s just flat out silly.

I still watched it.  Here’s why.  I loved the fight scenes.  I loved the Green Arrow, even if he was always  ready to cry and was overly sensitive (in my opinion).  The guy could survive ANYTHING.  Really, I’m not kidding.  He could be beaten to a pulp and be up and ready to fight again the next day.  The guy had stamina.

Admittedly, I fast forwarded through a lot of of the programs, sometime skipping entire episodes, because I only liked certain characters and plots.  I didn’t ever watch anything about the island he was on or the Russian part.  I liked the tech and the people who ran it and I liked Arrow, when he wasn’t weepy.  I really liked the fights.  They were choreographed so nicely.  And all that jumping off of tall buildings and rooftops was fun too.  The practice sessions were also cool, fighting with the sticks (which I’m sure have a name that I don’t know about).  It was like a dance.

I would say that I don’t really have heroes but…there’s Alice Paul and Susan B., and there’s John Wick and Bond, even if he is wrapped a little too tight.  I just like people who fight back and those people do.  So does the Arrow, even if he wears a costume.  So, I actually DO have heroes, since I just told you who they were.  Also, the little girl in the Secret Garden, is a kind of hero.  But that’s probably it.

The women in the show are tough as well and if their fights against 20 heavily armed men were a tad unrealistic, I didn’t care, it was fun watching them win all the time.  Besides, the women all got along and had each other’s backs and I liked that too.

I think the ending sucked but that’s just my opinion.  After a million years of fighting and creeping around, the sun comes out and happily every after appears.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wanted them to be happy but all the space ships and otherworldly bits were way too much for this earth bound viewer.  Not that I don’t believe in aliens, I do.  I think I actually know a few, but it seemed WAY out of place in that program.  WAY OUT OF PLACE.

Still, it was fun watching them disarming bomb after bomb, locating everyone with blips and beeps and big screens, you know, the usual repetitive stuff.   And it’s hard to have a family and be a superhero,   I mean as a superhero,  you have to die and come back all the time and do all kinds of things that keep you from family functions and things.

The series is over now.  And he saved the city, but if things go wrong, the next generation is ready to move up.  Something like, BABY GREEN ARROWS AND FRIENDS.   I wonder if any of them will be able to do that exercise thing, where he does pull ups and goes to the next level up and then the next.  Pretty cool.   My husband probably could have done that when he was younger.  Me?  Not so much.   Maybe that’s why I like superheroes.  I was married to one.  Although, I never saw him jump off the roof of a really tall building,

Oh, one other thing.  Someone needs to tell these people that little bitty masks don’t really hid their identity.  Nope.  Not even for a minute.

This is the program I was telling you about. It’s on PBS. Watch it if you can, it’s so important.


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