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Some people believe that “things don’t matter, people do.”  I have a lot of things I like better than most people I’ve met.  The “things” I love, make me happy.  I think “things” get a bad rap, like snakes and bats.  We need snakes and bats, and we need “things,” just as much.

Things, if you love them, can improve your life.  They can remind you of a moment in time, or remind you of how beautiful something can be.  No one should feel bad because they love and enjoy their things.  Things are fun and they matter.  Without “things,” our worlds can be stark and lacking.  It doesn’t matter what the “things” are, it just matters whether or not they make us happy.  A brand new French Journal, a plant, a wee statue of a horse.  A new book, a soft blanket.  Doesn’t matter.  If you love it…enjoy it, because NO ONE EVER HAS TO CHOOSE BETWEEN A THING AND A PERSON.  WE CAN HAVE BOTH.  

Stupid signs.


Photo:  Ivan Bertolazzi

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