LuLu’s Pie Shoppe…40

“I love traveling by hot air balloon,” said Chicago, pushing her hair behind her ears, taking a sip of hot coffee.

“How long did it take?” asked Marion.

“Just a few hours.  I was in a hurry but I couldn’t resist the gondolier.  He was swarthy and his arms, well, you know, he works with all those ropes.  Anyway, I’m here now, so we can finally read the cards.”

“LuLu, the front window is broken and there’s a princess laying on the floor.”

“HI MOM!,” said LuLu.  “I’m so glad you’re back.  We’re feeding homeless kids, isn’t that great?”

“It is, but why is the princess on the floor?”

“I punched her out.  You would have been proud of me.  I actually hit her two different times.  She’s evil and icky and she broke the window.”

“Hello Marion. Chicago,” said LuLu’s mother.  “Nice to see everyone.  LuLu, you can’t hit people all the time.”.

“I hardly ever hit people,” said LuLu.  “In fact, I never hit people.  There were mitigating circumstances.”

“VINCENT,” shouted the Princess from the doorway, as she swayed back and forth.  “We are leaving, NOW!  COME HERE!”

“Did she just stamp her foot?” asked LuLu, in amazement.

“I’m not going back,” said Vincent, softly.

“I COMMAND you to do as I say,” she growled, standing to her full height.

“Her dress is beautiful, isn’t it?” asked LuLu, looking at her mother.  “Can I hit her again?  Please? If you weren’t here I would already being doing it.”

“We aren’t in Fairy,” said Vincent.  “You have no power over me here.”

“What do you see in that disgusting half-blood?” hissed the Princess, her face red with rage.  “She’s nothi….”

LuLu hit her again.

“LuLu,” said her mother, sighing.

“You heard what she said.”

“I did,” said LuLu’s mother.  “She always was a horrible child.  Her sister is very nice, however.”  LuLu’s mother snapped her fingers and the Princess disappeared.

“Can you teach me how to do that?” asked LuLu, hopefully.

She snapped her fingers again and the front window repaired itself.  “Vincent,” said LuLu’s mother “everyone in Fairy knows that you are now under my protection, so you should be safe enough.”

Vincent fell to one knee, bowed and said, “My Lady.”

“Pie and ice cream?” asked Chicago.

LuLu and Vincent both groaned.

“What?” asked LuLu’s mother.

“LuLu wants to cover Vincent with ice cream and have sex with him on the prep table. Unfortunately, they haven’t had a minute to themselves,” said Marion.

“You make food on that table,” said her mother, turning toward her.

“I’ll scrub it,” said LuLu.  “Sterilize it, even.”

“Well, be sure you put something on the floor, so when the ice cream melts you won’t have a mess to clean up.”


“She’s right,” said Chicago.  “At least this is a tiled floor.  You can’t get the stuff out from between the cracks on a wooden floor, take my word for it.”

“And let the ice cream melt a little before you apply it,” said Marion.

“Oh, definitely,” said Chicago.  “It’s not as cold that way and it looks nicer too.”

“I’m never going to be able to look at any of them again in my entire life,” said Vincent, staring at the ceiling.  “Not ever.”

“Let’s give them some privacy,” muttered LuLu’s mother.  Marion, Chicago, you can stay with me tonight.  LuLu, we’ll be here at five thirty to get ready for the day.  Raven, Destiny, come with me. The cats are staying.”

“Alone at last,” said LuLu, as everyone left.

“I can’t believe they’ve all done it with ice cream.”

“When you almost live forever, you have to assume there isn’t much they haven’t done.  Except for Marion, of course, and even she’s done that. ”

“You have a very understanding mother.”

“I know, right?”


Before we do anything, I have some questions,” said LuLu.

“How many questions and can you ask them when you’re naked?” he laughed.

“Will you be able to hear what I’m saying if I’m naked?”

“Does that matter?  I didn’t know you expected me to listen.”

“I do.”


“Would you ever think of living here full-time?”


“Would you miss Fairy?”

“If I did, I could visit.”

“Where are your clothes?”

“On the floor.”

“I’ll get the ice cream.”






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6 Responses to LuLu’s Pie Shoppe…40

  1. Resa says:

    Ahh, love à la mode! Way to go!

  2. oh and i want to learn that snapping to make people disappear thing!

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