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Kate…A Story poem…

Katie was born outside on a clear night under a crescent Moon the first thing she saw through her blurry vision was that beautiful sliver of white hanging in the sky above her she cooed at it and kicked her … Continue reading

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The moon and beginnings…

the moon belongs to everyone anyone can get there as long as have a ladder that’s long enough well one that wouldn’t fall over when standing up which might be a PROBLEM but that’s not the ONLY PROBLEM there’s always … Continue reading

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The Shadow of your smile…

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The Moon and Stars…a poem

she couldn’t keep track of all those who had gone on before her so she asked the Moon when it was in its crescent form if She would hold a star for each of them in Her arms that way … Continue reading

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A message from the moon…

You know I don’t shine, right?  I don’t have a light of my own, I borrow the light from someone else, but that’s okay because light is there for all of us, isn’t it?  I mean, you can’t stop the … Continue reading

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the sun was bright and yellow the moon a silver gray their edges touched and mingled turning darkness into day dusk reached out and kissed the dawn they mixed their dusty rays they said goodbye and closed their eyes and … Continue reading

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Darkness and Light…

“Where are you going?” he asked, stretching. “To hang the moon,” she laughed. “Where do you think I’m going?” He looked up, “Is it that time already?” “You have been napping,” she said, smiling at him. He rubbed his eyes.  … Continue reading

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Pictures from the Moon Party…

The Poetry Slams were fabulous, so was the dancing.  The Ice Cream Bars were delicious, as were the star cookies.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  The cats and bunnies were the highlight of the night.  They took four curtain calls … Continue reading

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The Moon Party has begun…pictures tomorrow

Terry and Candy are part of the Welcoming Committee.  They are high in the air chirping to all who enter the auditorium.  Excitement is high and a day, and night, full of activities has begun.  There will be two Poetry … Continue reading

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The chicklets had a Moon Party sleepover last night.  They are getting geared up for the party tomorrow.  They brought their telescopes to the sleepover but the moon didn’t come out.  They focused on the Rubber Duck Pond instead and … Continue reading

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