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The man and the moon…an explanation.

Man, Moon, Night, Underground


People once believed there was a man in the moon.  They also believed the moon was made of cheese, but that’s neither here nor there.  It’s the man we’re interested in.  You see, a man never lived in, or on, the moon.  No, not even for a little while. A woman was there for a few years, but she moved on because try as she may, flowers simply would not grow and without flowers, well, there was no reason to stay.  So the moon was basically just hanging there by itself.

Having said that, a man has always been involved.  You see, there’s a kind of repairman, or janitor, if you will, who cares for the moon.  He sweeps and makes sure the craters are in order and the things we leave there, when we blast off, go into the Moon Museum of Junk Visitors Leave Behind.

The man doesn’t live on the moon, he lives above it.  There are trap doors throughout the universe.  When it’s time to care for the moon, which is hollow and made of metal, left where it is by the alien race that made it, the man simply opens the portal and using a special collapsible glider, he floats to the moon and back.

The moon, isn’t empty.  It’s filled with humans, other worldly beings, and lots of stuff.  There are photographs, which are doctored by the government, that before being touched up, show machines, smokestacks and ships, but we won’t be allowed to see them as they are, only the versions that aren’t real.  They fixed the Face on the Moon, so it doesn’t look like a face.

Anyway, I hope this explains the whole Man in the Moon thing once and for all.  I mean it’s about time someone told everyone what was going on.


Photo:  Pixabay

Kate…A Story poem…

Fantasy Microphone Singer - Free image on Pixabay

was born outside
on a clear night
under a crescent Moon

the first thing she saw
through her blurry vision
was that beautiful sliver
of white
hanging in the sky above her

she cooed
at it
and kicked her feet

opening and closing
her tiny new fingers
she reached out
toward the Moon
and the
took notice

the Moon looked
and saw a new daughter
one of Her very own
so She placed
a crescent birthmark
on her wee right arm

with the Moon
sang to Her
every night

she sang about
the Moon’s beauty
she sang about
Her kindness
and when Katie closed her eyes
the only thing she ever saw
was that beautiful crescent Moon
smiling down at her

so if you hear someone singing
about the wonders
of the Moon
and the night sky
it’s probably one of Katie’s songs


if you listen carefully
in the dead of night
and you hear Katie
and understand the words
then you may be one of the
children as well
it never hurts
to check for a birthmark
on your right arm

The moon and beginnings…

Moon, Reach, Dream, Fantasy, Ladder

the moon belongs
to everyone
anyone can get there
as long as
have a ladder
that’s long enough
one that wouldn’t
fall over
when standing up
which might be a
but that’s not the
there’s always the
still we shouldn’t let
anything get in our way
of our dreams
if we have the ladder
that’s the beginning
a way to start
and life is all about
that’s the one thing
you can never
you have to
or you’ll
get anywhere


Photo: Pixabay


The Shadow of your smile…

The Moon and Stars…a poem

she couldn’t keep track
of all those
who had gone on
before her
so she asked the Moon
when it was in its crescent form
if She would hold a star
for each of them
in Her arms
that way
she could
wave at everyone
and send them
the Moon said
She would be happy
to oblige
and from then on
whenever the Moon
was a crescent
She held the
girl’s loves
in Her embrace

A message from the moon…

Moon, Satellite, Space, Crater, Sky

You know I don’t shine, right?  I don’t have a light of my own, I borrow the light from someone else, but that’s okay because light is there for all of us, isn’t it?  I mean, you can’t stop the light, can you?  Somehow it always finds a way, like when you close a door but the light seeps out from underneath it, so you put a blanket over the crack and the light shoots out from the top, or the side, because light just keeps going and you can’t put it out.

I’m all about darkness.  I like darkness.  Well, I wouldn’t want to live in complete darkness, the way it’s going to be when everything is dead, including the light, but you know what I mean.  I’m not like all the other natural things floating around out here.  Someone put me here, as a base, of sorts, so there is that, but still, I’m not going away any time soon.  Soon being relative, of course.

Meanwhile, you humans attribute all kinds of things to me, Goddesses, scary stuff, night crawlers, moonwalkers, well, you can make up your own list, everyone seems to have one.  I’m on the cover of a lot of books by Poe.  Along with ravens, but you would know all about that, wouldn’t you.  At least those of you who love the dark, or think you love the dark, without knowing what the dark really is.

See, you have never known true darkness, the darkness that makes your eyes so useless that you touch them, to make sure that they’re really open.  That kind of darkness, the kind where there’s a complete absence of light.  The kind of darkness you don’t ever want to know.  That kind of darkness will paralyze you, make you afraid to take a single step, not knowing if you will fall forever, or find something to receive your foot.  Disoriented and paralyzed with fear, your hearing will take over, and while you will listen for any sound…you won’t hear anything at all…because true darkness eats sound, it eats everything.  Your heart will race, so will your thoughts, as they quickly go through the file cabinet of your mind, looking for a reference that will help you understand what’s going on but, of course, there is no index card for true darkness.  No one could write it.  No one could read it.

True darkness is the dark that people should fear.  Humans need light/sight to navigate, to make sense of their reality, but true darkness also eats reality, turning it into feeling, into fear, into a longing for a swift end.

When the universe ends, all that will remain will be temperatures so cold, humans don’t have the brain capacity to even understand them, and true darkness.  Uncountable numbers of dead stars and planets will hang suspend, in pitch black nothingness. A fitting end, don’t you think?  A reflection of humanities love of violence and death.

But wait,  for every ending there is a new beginning, isn’t that what you humans say?  Always another door, waiting to be opened? I wonder what will be on the other side of the next one?

I’m pretty cool. I mean, I am the moon, after all, and yes, the pun is intended.   But I have a question….  Do you think, that when your star starts expanding, and you begin to feel the heat, war will continue to rage, and greedy men will still fight for more power?  Do you think they will wake up long enough to realize that the end is right in front of them?  They won’t be around to see the oceans evaporate, but I wonder…when everything is dying, will they still be trying to get more for themselves?




Darkness and Light…

“Where are you going?” he asked, stretching.

“To hang the moon,” she laughed. “Where do you think I’m going?”

He looked up, “Is it that time already?”

“You have been napping,” she said, smiling at him.

He rubbed his eyes.  “So, time to go?”

“Yes, my sweet.  It’s time to go.”

“We are never together long enough,” he whispered, sadly.

“One day we will be.”

“Always ‘one day,’ but never today,” he sighed, his light dimming, as her moon began to nibble at the edges of his sun, pushing him away.

“Until tomorrow, then?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“Until then,” she answered.  “Shine brightly.”

“I always do, my lovely Shadow.  I always do.”

She closed her eyes and embraced her darkness knowing that, in spite of what people thought,  she could easily overcome the light.



Pictures from the Moon Party…

The Poetry Slams were fabulous, so was the dancing.  The Ice Cream Bars were delicious, as were the star cookies.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  The cats and bunnies were the highlight of the night.  They took four curtain calls and the audience threw popcorn and flowers at them because they were so outstanding.

The Moon Party has begun…pictures tomorrow

Terry and Candy are part of the Welcoming Committee.  They are high in the air chirping to all who enter the auditorium.  Excitement is high and a day, and night, full of activities has begun.  There will be two Poetry Slams, one after breakfast and one after dinner.  The cats and bunnies have worked out a tumbling routine, which will be seen for the very first time.  It’s supposed to be wonderful and everyone is looking forward to the event.

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