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Haight/Ashbury was their favorite place in San Francisco…



Great car…I agree with the bumperstickers…San Francisco


Beautiful door in San Francisco…

IMG_6374Debbie took this photo.


Angelo took a picture of this cute dog while he was in San Francisco…


San Francisco…


Debbie took this picture.

I like photographs like this one.   I think life is exactly like this shot.  We live and all the colors and junk we need, want, use and have made, surrounds us.  There are rules…go in this direction or that one, turn here, go straight.  But all the while we are moving toward death/new beginnings as we go under the bridge toward something we can’t see.  We don’t know what’s on the other side of the light and even though, in this photo, you can see the street above the bridge, you can’t know for sure that the light doesn’t lead whoever goes toward it, straight into something else.  Alternate realities are everywhere, sometimes we just don’t notice them.

Street person’s house in downtown San Francisco…

IMG_6372Debbie just got back Tuesday and said the homeless situation in SF is reaching a tipping point.  It’s starting to take a toll on tourism.

The kids were very happy to see the beautiful parrots of Telegraph Hill in San Francisco


This is so fabulous.  Really exciting.  I love that they’re free and can have a nice life.

Sign seen in San Francisco…


I think Debbie took this but it could have been one of the kids…

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