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The chicklets post this picture now and then. They wanted everyone to think of all the children who lost their lives to gun violence all over the world.


Free Blue and White Star Painted Hand in Peace-sign Gesture Stock Photo

like most things
the only peace
we can really have
is individual peace
but sometimes
our personal peace
can be catching
sometimes it’s just enough
to stop things
from getting worse
we each need to cultivate
peace within ourselves
even when it’s hard
and yes
that peace
won’t be enough
but the important thing
is that we
show up


Photo:  David Peterson

I wish you peace in this brand new year…words

a green boat sitting on top of a body of water

peace is a state of mind
Mother Nature
does Her best to show us
what peace looks like
what it feels like
in calm water
there is serenity
in a furious storm
there is chaos
Mother Nature
shows us the different
ways we can live
but after that
it’s up to us




Photo:  David Becker


Peace…to all and an end to violence…from the chicklets


Peace…Opening the breakfast party…


While so many in the world are trying to kill each other…I’m sending peaceful vibes your way.

Photo:  Samuel Regan-Asante

Peace on earth will only come about when the unicorns return…

white and black unicorn mural

Photo:  Karen Powers

Street art…

Peace, Graffiti, Street Art, Art

Photo:  Pixabay

Peace…even for a moment…is a beautiful thing.

Child, Birds, Sea, Loneliness, SadnessPhoto:  Pixabay

Messenger of peace…its message lost, on a world full of war.

Bird, Dove, Fly, Nature, Wing, White

Photo:  Pixabay

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