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The Night before Sheepmas…a poem

Winter, Sheep, Herd, Snow, Animals, Cold

twas the night before Sheepmas
and all through the herd
the sheep were all chatting
I knew not a word
they giggled
and snorted
and shook out
their fur
the holidays
moved swiftly
it all seemed
a blur
I made them all scarfs
which I tied ’round
their necks
they said they weren’t cold
but oh
what the heck
so they thanked me
and mumbled
my dear
tell me why
you’re out with our herd
when the moon’s in the sky
I just shrugged my shoulders
and rubbed at my eyes
the sheep gathered ’round me
and started to sigh
you love us
and you wanted to see
what sheepmas
was like
but between you and me
you’re freezing out here
cuz your coat isn’t warm
your being out here is quite far
from the norm
so hug us and kiss us
and bid us good night
just having you here
filled our hearts with delight
so she went through the heard
with great love in her heart
and gave the brand new year
a fabulous start

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