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What’s it all about?


many people believe that
is the answer to
every question
but no one
ever defines
the word
in the context
of the
being asked



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Reality…a poem for my husband

Farewell, Say Goodbye, Bye, Road, Shield

your eyes were closed
your breathing ragged
you were getting ready
to leave
to go where I couldn’t follow
so I gave you everything
I knew I would no longer need
once you were gone
I put everything into a little pile
then wrapped my heart
around it
and pressed it into
your beautiful chest
so wherever you are now
the best parts of me
are still with you




the love we have experienced
never really leaves us
but the way people say that
as if it means something
always escapes me
I can’t feel his arms around me
his lips against mine
his hand will never again
be in mine
and his scent
is no longer on the sheets
I don’t hear his snickering
or laughter
his sighs
or words
the blue eyes are absent
and with it
his his smiles
his footsteps are missing
his key will never open the door
I can’t shove him
or throw my legs over him
sneak up behind him
show him things
I’m excited about
chat over breakfast
there’s no going to the movies
or getting a heart shaped pizza
on Valentine’s Day
no presents
no passion
no shared anything
and nothing about having his love
still with me
can make up for that loss
especially silly sayings

The shop…a very short story

Tuba, Music Store, Musical Instrument

Sometimes, after being forgotten, even sitting in a store window doesn’t help, although there’s always the chance that someone will walk in and take you home.  Remembering who you used to be, leaves one bereft and imprisoned, knowing that those who glance at you, only see your current state of being.  All the while you remember being new and wonderful, packed and traveling, being played in a band, looking beautiful in a well loved home.  That’s who you truly are, in spite of what others see, or think, assuming they even stop a moment, to look at you.  A shop of lost dreams and realities, full of broken hearts and those who were left behind.  People can feel the same way, except there’s no shop that can give them a second chance.

Just stopping by, Darlings…

Woman, Female, Beauty, Portrait, Fantasy Portrait

“Darlings, I just popped in from a different reality to tell you to clean up your act, or else.  You do realize that more than one thing is happening at the same time, don’t you?  I mean there’s more than one reality.  Or haven’t you caught on to that yet?

Well, never mind.  I simply wanted to tell you that it’s already too late for some things, but you’re out of control and the bad things are escalating much more quickly than you realize.  So, it’s either limp along as fast as you can patch things up, or die.  Either way, you’ve made a terrible mess and even if you stop your horrific ways right this moment, the ball is already rolling, so don’t expect changes right away.  You’ve gone too far over the edge.  The real destruction has already begun.  Eat now, while there’s still food.  As for water…good luck with that.   And you’re going to be very lonely without the birds and animals you’ve killed, but fear not, the insects will still be with you and I mean ALL of them, since there won’t be anyone left to stop them.  It’s all your own fault, of course, but you don’t care.  You’ve lost your humanity and are all about consumption and greed.  Tut tut, children.  You have been very bad indeed.

Those of us watching from afar, are shocked by your unseemly, heartless, and  destructive behavior. But your lot just keeps banging away, trying to kill yourselves, and everything else, as quickly as you can.  Your leaders, such as they are, hahahahaha, are insane, and yet you let them run your lives and keep the destruction going.  I mean, really, what do you expect to happen?

Well, my Lovelies, I’m off.  None of us likes to visit any longer.  Your planet already smells of death and endings.  Stupid children…and we had such high hopes for you.  Obviously, there were major flaws in your design.  Once you’re gone, we won’t reseed the Earth for a very long time.  Still, we shall persist and maybe one day, we might get it right?

The Man in the Mist…a poem

Fantasy, Mysticism, Lamp, Man, Light

he appeared with the mist
his lantern held high
always searching
for someone
he lost
have you seen her
he would say
and each time
I would ask what she looked like
and each time he would whisper
she looks like love
and I would be forced to say
that I had not seen her
then watch the pain
move across his handsome face
as he disappeared
once again
into the fog

These are just a FEW of the things that I think are more important than rebuilding Notre Dame…The list is incomplete and does not include pollution, corruption, violence against the gay, trans and lesbian community, poisoning of the oceans and the life in them, poisoning our own food, killing the bees and other insects/animals…and on and on…but be sure to give money to a building, because so many people seems to think the burning of the church is a real TRAGEDY.

Find me…

Fog Path Hiking Hiker Walking Mist Fences

I’m right here
I can’t get to you
not while you’re on the other side
but I’m waiting for you
to find me again


Loss…no matter the reason

Woman, Train, Zugabteil, Farewell

loss is
riding the el
and never
getting off


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