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A 5 minute TED Talk…

A TED Talk…15 minutes long

A 4 minute video from TED Talks…the drawings are so funny

A TED Talk…This is 17 minutes long but clearly shows the different mindset of liberals and conservatives. He’s an excellent speaker.

This talk CLEARLY shows how different the minds/thought processes of liberals and conservatives truly are.  I don’t see how we can ever bridge that gap on the important issues, like equality, choice, or the environment. Ever.  I think that’s a pipe dream.

Short, but interesting, TED Talk…

A TED Talk…about 7 minutes long

Important TED Talk…

This is a short and clarifying TED Talk…

Watch this…it’s really, really excellent…great speaker and important message

A TED TALK (around 3 or 4 minutes long)

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