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The Marshall Fields Clock and the Chicago Theater sign…

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No standing????

I stood by the sign to take the picture and I was not towed away.  This sign is by the lake in Evanston.

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Red flags…

This is a dangerous street to cross in Evanston…no stop signs or lights.  The traffic is slow but constant.  So, if you want to cross you can pick up a red flag and carry it with you as you cross, … Continue reading

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The Oriental Theater

We used to go to the movies at the Oriental when we were kids.  Downtown Chicago.

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A GOOD country…a TED talk…check it out.

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Farmers Market sign

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Another sign at the Farmer’s Market

Another sign at the Farmer’s Market in Daley Plaza.  LOL  Midwest…it’s seems to be all about the cheese:)  The produce and goodies being sold looked fantastic…fresh out of the ground and beautiful.

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Sign at Farmer’s Market in Daley Plaza

Illinois cow cheese just cracked me up.  So silly.  It’s actually funny but I never go anywhere in Illinois.  I’ve heard rumors that the rest of the state doesn’t really like us.

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