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Neon…HOPE without action is usually meaningless…words.

a street light at night

is one of those words
that can get us through
tough times
but in reality
it’s a false prophet
like the old joke goes
you can hope to win the Lotto
but if you don’t buy a ticket
it’s not going to happen
you can hope to get a degree
but if you don’t go to school
that’s not going to happen either
we can hope war ends
but unless people stop showing up
we will continue to kill each other
unless we DO something about
the things we HOPE for
nothing is going to change
most things
aren’t up to us anyway
simply gives us something
to hold on to
while life does
whatever it wants to do
can change things
some of the time
gives us a chance
to get what we hope for
by itself
just sits there
waiting for something to happen
it doesn’t do anything by itself
but often times
is all we have
even if it’s just a glimmer
is not an action word
it’s a word that can be used
to get us through the day
or control others
governments make promises
that give people FALSE/hope
knowing the promises are a lie
from the start
is a word that can bring about
if only for a little while
we hope it won’t rain for our party
we hope the kids get home on time
and HOPE
but  we can’t control the rain
or fix traffic
we continue to hope
it’s so weird
to believe in something
that does nothing
except get us to the next thing
to HOPE for
but without HOPE
we have to face reality as it is
and that would surely lead to
which would be horrific
but with ACTION
there’s always a chance
what we hope for
will become real
without ACTION
good luck
I HOPE I get my house cleaned today
but if I don’t stop typing and start cleaning
all the hope in the world
isn’t going to make that happen
then I’ll just have to HOPE to get it done
many of us hope that 2023
will be a better year
for everyone
but realistically
that’s up to us
because HOPE
won’t change a thing
only we can do that
through our



Photo:  Pramod Tiwari

Street Art by Shanni (2022/01) — TAB54

Street Art by Shanni (2022/01) — TAB54

From: Seth Godin

The world as it is


No one sees reality.

It’s worth repeating: No one accurately sees the world as it is.

A person with hearing loss doesn’t experience the world the same way a synesthete does. A rock climber doesn’t see a steep slope the same way an elderly person does. And an optimist and a pessimist rarely experience opportunities in identical ways.

And each is correct.

Correct in that their experience of the world is their experience of the world. It’s not possible for anyone to actually see the world as it is.

But there’s a significant opportunity we can work toward:

To experience the world in a useful way.

Not correctly, but usefully.

If the methods you’ve used to judge other people, to choose projects or to make decisions have been helping you get exactly what you seek, congratulations.

For the rest of us, there’s a chance to work on our filters, our habits and our instincts.

To engage with the world and our choices in a way that’s useful.

Today’s a perfect day to begin a whole new pattern.

Have a wonderful and fun filled New Year’s Eve…no matter what you do.

Free December 31 Calendar And Fruits On Table Stock Photo

Photo:  Olia Danilevich


Vintage chicklet photo…A reenactment of the Nancy Drew Mystery…


When Harry met Sally…it was New Year’s Eve…

New Year'S Day, Sylvester

Photo:  Pixabay

Happy New Year Dahlings — Graffiti Lux Art & More

Hope your new year is smokin’ hot! Pics taken by Resa – December 29, 2021 Toronto, Canada The Artists: Wysper & Vudu

Happy New Year Dahlings — Graffiti Lux Art & More

This is the gorgeous bear I have wanted for a long time. A present from my granddaughter and her boyfriend. I love this bear so much. It’s just what I wanted.

Odd Birds~ —(be sure to look at all of Cindy’s wonderful pictures of these amazing birds)

They remind me, very much, of my childhood ballet teachers. They have the same haughty mien, and graceful moves. They love shaking their tutus, and dressing up for opening night! Who doesn’t? Check out the even more graceful wild ones in South Africa at: Wishing you a Joyous & Healthy New Year from the…

Odd Birds~ —

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